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September 29 2020

The Bear-Necessities

These ladies do have the bear-necesities, demonstrating exactly what to do if this happens to you as they’re approached by a curious black bear in Mexico. My advice: Never play poker with these ladies.

February 24 2020

Trump Jr. Now Aims to Kill Grizzly Bear

Donald Trump Jr. wants to a new conquest, to shoot a Grizzly bear, according to the self-proclaimed conservationist. My question is simply why? Grizzly bears are not small animals, and using a gun these large bears aren’t especially hard to shoot. Shooting to kill and not injure is another matter. Clearly, Trump doesn’t much care…

February 18 2016

Goodwill Toward Bears

On a day when I personally needed a smile – and to feel good about others…..well, this video (sent by a reader) does just that. Maybe it will do the same for you….

February 2 2015

Hibernating May Benefit for Brain Health

Are you feeling like doing as the bears do?. It turns out hibernating might turn on a mechanism that protects the brain which may help scientists develop new treatments for Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases. So, can all hibernate for the benefit of our health. Researchers believe a defect in the process may contribute to…

July 24 2014

Can a Dog Guard Against Bears?

Bears now….previously have answered about porcupines pets and coyotes and pets – here’s a question (from my newspaper column) about how to “train” a dog to defend against bears, and a unique way to determine how a dog might respond. Q: We live in the woods, and the bear population has been increasing here. A…

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