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October 28 2016

Pigeon Popped into my Life; A Good Pet?

Q: A pure white pigeon has been visiting me the past three days, and he hangs out for hours. I feed him and give him water. I’ve done some reading and this seems to be a pigeon that may have been used in a wedding and thrown into the air. I’ve read that if these…

September 17 2016

Can You Catch Parrot Fever?

This no likely what Hillary Cinton’s pneumonia was about. In England, a 61-year old many was recently hospitalized with what doctors first identified as the flu, and later as pneumonia.  But his symptoms included forgetfulness, confusion, a rash and even a seizure. Doctors realized this was more than your ordinary flu, and while he appeared…

July 3 2016

Man Saves Dog; Dog Saves Hummingbird

Inspiring – Story of a man who rescued a dog no one else would take.  The dog proceeds to rescue a hummingbird thought to be dead….and the little bird thrives making Ed Gernon feeling as if he had been rescued. “He was dangerous,” said Gernon of Rex, his shepherd-mix. “He was an animal that had…

June 7 2016

Parrot May Know Who Committed Murder

A possible murder witness has something to say. His name is “Bud,” and he’s an African gray parrot in Ensley Township, MI, with a filthy mouth, according to NBC affiliate WOODTV. His latest phrase – the one he won’t stop shouting at the top of his lungs mimicking his owner’s voice – is a chilling…

June 6 2016

Fear Free Veterinary Visits, Blum Animal Hospital

Fear Free is an initiative created by Dr. Marty Becker to eliminate fear-anxiety and stress from veterinary visits. Blum Animal Hospital in Chicago is the first Chicago area practice that has gone through the formal process of becoming Fear Free certified, and co-owner Dr. Natalie Marks explains HERE on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio.…

May 5 2016

Celebrate National Pet Week

To our best pals who fill us with wonder, who unconditionally love, who teach about life and death….and who inspire us….and who we may share to secrets never to be revealed…Celebrate National Pet Week!

April 29 2016

Tree House Supports Funds for TNR

Illinois House Bill 4671 provides funs for counties to spay/neuter for feral cat colonies, and additional spay/neuter monies. This is an existing bill that the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner put a stop to the possibility before the amended bill even came to a vote. I counter the Illinois Department…

March 1 2016

I Can't Understand that Accent

It’s funny how I’ve spoken to friends from Australia who have no clue what people in Arkansas or saying, or how people in the U.S. may say “what” a lot to those with cockney accent. It turns out there appear to be regional accents among various species of monkeys, songbirds, and most recently discovered sperm whales.…

August 11 2015

Cockatiels Require A Class in Sex Ed

Q: I have two cockatiels. Sugar was found a roadside. She’s about 5-years old, and is rather skittish. After a couple of months, I though she could use a companion. Her name is Sweetie, and also a female. The pair quickly bonded. Sugar has become more tame, and Sweetie more wild. In the past year…

April 23 2015

You Think the Dog Flu is Bad, Check This Out

Dog flu (canine influenza virus) has been in the news. At least six (likely more) dogs have died as a result in the Chicago area in just over the past month with well over a thousand dogs sickened. Well, up to 5.3 million hens at an Iowa farm must are destroyed after the highly infectious…

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