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Cockatiels Require A Class in Sex Ed

Q: I have two cockatiels. Sugar was found a roadside. She’s about 5-years old, and is rather skittish. After a couple of months, I though she could use a companion. Her name is Sweetie, and also a female. The pair quickly bonded. Sugar has become more tame, and Sweetie more wild. In the past year…

You Think the Dog Flu is Bad, Check This Out

Dog flu (canine influenza virus) has been in the news. At least six (likely more) dogs have died as a result in the Chicago area in just over the past month with well over a thousand dogs sickened. Well, up to 5.3 million hens at an Iowa farm must are destroyed after the highly infectious…

Your Questions Answered for 20 Years

After 20 years of writing this column and answering, on average, four reader questions weekly, that’s 4,160 answers! My fingers should be ‘dog-tired,’ but instead I’m invigorated because each month (sometimes each week) I receive letters and emails saying my answers motivated someone a visit to a veterinarian, or even saved a pet’s life. By…

Enriched Pet Environments Lead to Healthier Lives

I contend the average monkey, black bear or lion at a zoo has a more enriched life than most of our dogs and cats at home.  In fact, all pets require some enrichment – even lizards, and most certainly pet parrots. Enrichment is manipulating the environment to suit an animals’ natural behavior.  Over a long…

Barking Your Feedback

Bark at me, or purr at me – doesn’t matter, I love when you squawk back. Here are some rather – well interesting notes and comments from you. Keep those emails coming, [email protected]   Comment: “I am 84-years old and have the best solution to bathing a cat. Hire a not very intelligent, but very…

Black Friday Gifts for Pets

More than ever before, that Christmas gift under the tree or Hanukah present might be for barking, purring or even squawking family members. Just over half all of all dogs, and nearly 40 percent of pet cats receive a holiday gift, according to American Pet Product’s Association 2013-2014 National Pet Owners Survey. Birds even get…

Dr.Rubin for Chicago Veterinary Emergency on WGN

Chicago Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center’s Dr. Sheldon Rubin appears on Steve Dale’s Pet World, 6:30AM CDT Sunday, November 23. You can listen HERE or even watch the radio show, or listen the old-school way, 720AM. Dr. Rubin talks about keeping our pets safe over the howlidays – including the dangers of Xylitol (click on…

Niagara Falls with Two Birds

In Guelth, Ontario, Canada,  I spoke at the Royal Canin offices, and heard others speak about pet nutrition, then toured the amazing pet food plant. After, the group took a trip to Niagara Falls. I posted this video so you can get a feel for the power of the falls (if you’ve never visited), but…

Gay Animals

Maybe it’s proof that you are born gay….or maybe not. For example, new research demonstrates that zebra finch raised by their fathers aren’t as likely to pair for life with female birds as they are with a dude finch. It seems, the gay blades just ‘hang’ together and don’t usually truly have a gay sexual…

Aubrey Fine on Our Faithful Companions

Aubrey Fine is the author of “Our Faithful Companions: Exploring the Essence of Our Kinship with Animals” (Alpine Publications, Crawford, CO; 2014; $19.95). In a recent appearance on Steve Dale’s Pet World, he says  our relationship with animals may be more powerful than we ever thought. Hear the interview, as Fine recalls a story from…

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