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March 18 2014

Global Pet Expo

Global Pet Expo, largest pet trade show, March 12-14, Orange County Convention Center Orlando, FL featuring about 1,000 exhibitors, about 3,000 booths and as many new products. The American Pet Products Association show attacked dozens of journalists who blog and broadcast about pets as well as several celebrities including baseball and animal welfare legend Tony LaRussa and…

February 14 2014

Valentines Day & Remembering Pets

Valentine’s Day is to tell those we love just how much we care…I hope that includes family members with four legs (or feather). And Valentine’s Day is also to remember those we’ve lost – our hearts will never quite be the same…and that includes beloved pets. I Remember You is a way to remember and honor…

February 1 2014

Fear Free Veterinary Visits, Dr. Marty Becker at Veterinary Conference

Orlando, FL. The annual North American Veterinary Conference, one of the largest meetings of its kind, was held here Jan. 19 through 22. Dr. Marty Becker, one of many featured speakers, discussed his concept of fear-free veterinary visits. Dr. Becker, of Bonner’s Ferry, ID, is a contributor to “The Dr. Oz Show” and author of…

December 18 2013

Pet Books, Holiday Gift Giving ideas

From giant coffee table books to perfect little stocking stuffers, here are 11 choices for holiday pet book gift-giving this year: Steve Dale PetWorld, LLC; Tribune Content Agency, LLC  

December 15 2013

Chicago Animal Control Holiday Boutique

Adopting pets, or celebrating pet adoption – not a bad way to spend the howlidays….WGN listeners were among those attending the Friends of Chicago Animal Care & Control Holiday Boutique. Learn more, HERE about the Dec. 14 and 15 event. I was there on December 14, and you brought in your pets to pose with Santa himself.…

December 13 2013

Play Behavior in a Bird

Is this bird actually playing? Here’s a bird skiing.

November 18 2013

Cockatiel Pulling Feathers, Except in August

Q: My cockatiel pulls out feathers on his back, on the tops of his wings, and on his breast until he’s almost bare. He does this year-round, except in August, when he has almost all his feathers. What can I do? And what is it about August? — J.F., Buffalo, NY A: Avian veterinarian Dr.…

October 21 2013

Dog Snacks on Birdseed: Reader Question

Q: My 8-year-old Miniature Poodle and my daughter’s 9-month-old Corgi love to eat birdseed that’s fallen to the ground. We’ve heard this seed is dangerous for dogs. Is this true? — P.R., New Richmond, WI A: “Bird food isn’t toxic, per se,” explains Dr. Jerry Klein, a supervising emergency veterinarian Chicago Emergency Veterinary & Special…

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