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April 2 2012

What to Address with Your Veterinarian

Are there some key points to always bring up at the veterinary office? What should pet owners be on the lookout for? Legendary veterinarian Dr. Michael Paul offers some hints… See more videos on my YouTube page, and check out audio archives from Steve Dale’s Pet World.

March 20 2012

Cats Hanging Out with the Eagles

Cats hanging out with unlikely friends – Eagles, and I don’t mean from Philadelphia.

February 9 2012

American Humane's PAWSCAR Winners; Vote for Your Own Animal Actors

The Academy Awards are okay…It’s kind of like amateur night. FAR better are the PAWSCAR Awards. These coveted awards are far more than mere kibble or kitty litter – we’re talking deserved honors for the best animal actors, created by the American Humane Association – the folks who guarantee at the end of most movies…

October 25 2011

Pet Safety Tips for Halloween

By Steve Dale The door knocks. You walk slowly to the door because on the other side, you hear a strange whining sound. Slowly, you open – and what a sight  – horror of all horrors, it’s a devil dog. Or should I say, a dog dressed as a devil. Or perhaps it’s a dog…

July 26 2011

Raccoons Killing Cats? It Can't Happen If You Keep Kitty Indoors

I support indoor cats only for a long list of reasons. Among them, some cats do kill wildlife….and the other way around. Richard Thibeault in Richmond B.C. says his 17-year-old Siamese cat, Kokanee, was cornered by two raccoons in his driveway on July 17 and dragged away screaming. He says his wife, Wendy, was woken…

July 25 2011

Petfinder's 2011 Most Pet-Friendly North American Airlines has compiled their list of North America’s most pet friendly airlines. Not sure that’s easy to do. In fact, not sure how anyone – these days – could compile a list of airlines that are people friendly. No matter, here’s what Petfinder has come up with: Most Pet-Friendly Overall: Pet Airways. Not sure how…

July 20 2011

Unlikely Friendships: Animal Odd Couples

By Steve Dale If these guys can do it, so can Democrats and Republications…”Unlikely Friendships: 47 Remarkable Stories from the Animal Kingdom,” a new book by Jennifer Holland (Workman Publishing, New York, NY; $13.95), offers stories of improbable and mysterious friendships. Take the dwarf hamster and the rat snake. They first met at a Japanese…

July 14 2011

Not Sure This is Funny Jon Stewart, Birds vs. Cats

It’s a real problem which many people are very upset about, cats who are both free roaming and also owned that kill songbirds and other wildlife. There’s no doubt cats do prey on birds, though most experts agree that habitat destruction and pollution are far more significant factors. I think I can take a joke,…

May 14 2011

Unusual Friends

I posted videos of an cat and dolphin playing….a dog and an elephant who are best friends…but this one tops them all. I suspect they’ve known one another since they were each very young. But then some things we just can’t explain. (I thank Quebec cat behavior consultant Guadalupe Bermejo for this post idea)

April 6 2011

Behavior Tool Kit: How to Teach New Behavior

Behavior Took Kit by James Fitzler and Susan Friedman. A flow-chart which describes how animals learn. “Teaching new behaviors isn’t rocket science, it’s behavior science!” (thanks for KPI trainer, and Facebook fan Laura Monaco Torelli for the this post)

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