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February 20 2017

What Happened to Most Humane State Status?

What’s wrong with Illinois? Once the state that won awards for animal protection and for being the most humane state, no longer. I suppose, It’s one thing to get up before dawn, and to go out hunting for water fowl or deer. To stalk the quarry, and if you are lucky to shoot and kill.…

September 7 2015

Hunting Lion and Other Animals, And Bringing Back 'Trophies'

U S. will propose a law to limit the kinds of “trophies” hunters can take back with them from other nations. Listen HERE to my conversation with U.S. Congressman (5th District U.S. House of Representatives) Mike Quigley on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN radio. I suggest it should not be legal for these animal “trophies,”…

August 14 2015

Ecotourism Truly is an Answer

Ecotourism is the way to go if you REALLY want to save animals, not hunting them. I speak with Ged Caddick of Terra Incognita Ecotours.  Listen HERE to my fascinating conversation on WGN Radio with Ged. I mention that even Illinois public officials were outraged when Cecil the lion was killed, and some of those…

August 7 2015

In Illinois Bobcat to be Hunted; In California Bobcat Protected

In Illinois bobcat hunting was recently legalized. In California, it just became illegal. Even public officials who support bobcat hunting were outraged when Cecil the lion was killed in Africa. I maintain there is no difference. We don’t have lion in America. Mountain lion are protected (the related Florida panther is endangered). Lynx and bobcat…

August 1 2015

Brother of Cecil of the Lion Killed

ZIMBABWE  UPDATE— The brother of slain Cecil the lion, named Jericho, still appears to be ‘alive and well’ after false reports of the lion’s illegal killing. CNN first reported that Jericho was killed Saturday in Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. That information came from a senior park official, according to CNN. According to a Reuters…

July 31 2015

Killing Lion, Killing Snow Leopard, Killing Bobcat: What's the Difference?

Bobcat hunting was approved in Illinois, yet some of those same lawmakers expressed (appropriate) outrage when Cecil the lion was killed in Africa. In a previous post, I asked – what’s the difference between killing the great African King of the jungle to killing the Illinois King of the jungle? [placegallery]

July 29 2015

Killing Lion in Africa or Bobcat in the U.S.: What's the Difference?

Cecil was shot and killed in Zimbabwe. It’s been in this news, that this celebrity lion was shot by a dentist from Minnesota. Cecil was a major tourist draw at Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park. The 13-year-old lion, recognizable by the black streaks in his mane, suffered a slow death, according to the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force. The hunters lured…

July 27 2015

Senator Don Harmon on Bobcat Hunting in Illinois

How can hunting bobcat in Illinois even be considered? Gradually, the cats are making some sort of comeback….but we’re hardly overwhelmed with them, they’re not a “nuisance animal.” In fact, the reclusive cats are rarely seen. Yet, somehow, hunting these cats will now be allowed in Illinois. Governor Rauner signed the bill into law, despite…

July 25 2015

Bobcat Hunting to be Discussed on WGN

Bobcats will no longer be protected in the state, as IL. Gov. Bruce Rauner signed a law (HB 352) which will allow for bobcat hunting for the first time in decades. Will be hunters go overboard because they can sell their pelts? These days, pretty easy to go online and sell them overseas. Illinois State…

July 20 2015

Hunting Bobcat To be Legal in Illinois

There are only two species that kill for sport…just because they can: Humans and  chimpanzees. While chimpanzees actually craft crude weapons, us humans have become pretty efficient at killing for “sport.” Bobcats will no longer be protected in the state, as IL. Gov. Bruce Rauner just signed a law (HB 352) which will allow for…

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