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January 8 2019

Hoodie with Pit Bull-Type Dog Image Remains Available. What Apology?

I was scolded, “Stop picking on Forever 21, they apologized.” Aside from not finding their apology and not receiving an email to that affect, FAR more important the hoodie with a pit bull looking dog wearing chains and a padlock remains listed on their website as available for purchase. So, even if  there was an…

August 19 2018

Barking for a Term Limit for Chicago’s Mayor

After Susan Russell was asked to resign (she didn’t so she was fired) from the position of Chicago Animal Care and Control Executive Director, it was clear that her boss, Mayor Rahm Emanuel hasn’t a clue about animal welfare, and doesn’t care. Mayor Rahm never met Susan, a City department chair – never even bothered…

October 28 2017

Fatal Dog Attack by Pit Bulls, Is BSL Next?

How do you report on the death of a little boy caused by two family dogs? There can be few greater family tragedies. I’ve known about this for some time, but I was waiting. I was waiting for the inevitable, because the dogs involved in the attack were identified as pit bulls. I suspected the…

October 5 2017

Pit Bull Ban Passed in Springfield City

In some parts of Missouri, lawmakers are more concerned about dogs that resemble what we call “pit bulls” than they are with shuttering puppy mills and penalizing the operators of those mills. In a highly emotional meeting on October 2, the City Council of Springfield City, Missouri, approved a ban on dogs referred to as…

May 20 2017

One Pit Bull Ban Begins, Another Ends

A new ordinance passed in Caraway, Arkansas, and is set to ban dogs called pit bulls. In order to prompt such legislation, there’s often an incident in a community (and apparently more than one incident in Caraway), and a dog called a pit bull is held responsible. So, the response of public officials and some…

March 4 2017

Are Pit Bulls Deadly Weapons?

“Are Pit Bulls Man’s Best Friend Or Deadly Weapons?” is the name of an opinion piece in the Chicago Sun Times. My quandary: Do I write about this story, and give it more attention, or counter? In this case, I choose to counter. The author, Gene Lyons, writes about his two dogs: a Great Pyrenees…

December 12 2016

Pit Bull Dog Wins Election, Love Platform

With the country so divided, there’s finally a candidate that isn’t polarizing. A political leader who believes in love. On November 8, the historic town of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, elected a dog. And a pit bull-type dog no less. The dog, named Brynneth Pawltrow, won by more than a nose. Brynneth beat a menagerie of candidates…

December 1 2016

Montreal Breed Ban Supported by Court

On December 1 the Quebec Court of Appeal overturned the Superior Court’s suspension of the sections of the City of Montreal’s by-law targeting “pit bull type dogs,” while rendering a stay in relation to several concessions made by the City during the appeal hearings . The lifting of the suspension order means that many of…

October 25 2016

No Breed Ban In Oak Brook, Perhaps Montreal Will Follow

Illinois is one of several states that actually bans a breed ban against dogs suggested to be pit bulls or for that matter any breed . I KNOW this, as I was there with then Governor Pat Quinn signed that bill into law. Quinn told me, “As long as I am the Governor, I assure…

October 14 2016

BSL Now Considered Outside Chicago

One community enacts a breed ban, and one by one other communities follow, that’s what happened back in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Sometimes expert testimony, and public pressure helped public officials to understand that breed bans weren’t the answer to enhance public safety, and sometimes that effort would fail and breed bans were enacted. Typically,…

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