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October 6 2016

Montreal Mayor Continues To Support Breed Ban

Montreal’s Mayor Denis Coderre apparently believes dog owners, as well as animal behavior experts, veterinarians, and Montreal SPCA are a special interest group. Following a dog attack that claimed the life of a Montreal woman, Christiane Vadnais, the city passed a somewhat confusing breed ban that was to go into effect October 3, 2016. However, only days…

October 3 2016

Pit Bull Ban in Montreal, One Big Mess

Montreal pit bull ban suspended for now…below describes some of commotion and confusion.  Montreal has banned dogs called pit bulls. Apparently, if you own one now and live in Montreal, according to plan, you can continue to but need to adhere to rules (such as muzzling the dog). However, no more dogs called pits will…

September 27 2016

Montreal Enacts Breed Ban

Montreal has banned dogs called pit bulls – and I am shocked and horrified. This ban is likely a death sentence to many innocent dogs – and for no justifiable reason. As always public officials offer a knee jerk response resulting from a dog attack. Same in this case. Nearly three months after a brutal dog…

April 6 2016

Is a Pit Bull Really a Pit Bull, Or More Like Benji

The dog you see on the street or at an animal shelter that we mostly call pit bulls are, in fact, All-American dogs. They are merely mixed-breed dogs, mutts. They’re just like Benji (who was always a mutt) but with a different look. In dogs, it’s been proven repeatedly that phenotype (the way a dog…

January 30 2015

Steve Dale's Pet World: Ten Years of National Radio

Ten years of hosting nationally syndicated Steve Dale’s Pet World means that by speaking with four to five phone callers each week, I’ve talked with and hopefully helped well over 2,000 pet owners. What’s most important are the dozens of email, and return calls from listeners saying that the advice I’ve offered has helped their…

January 27 2015

Homeless Dog Needs a Home: Help Us To Find One

The Bryan & Amanda Bickell Foundation is all about getting pit bull-type dogs adopted. That’s what they do -and there’s certainly there’s a need! Monthly, Steve Cochran of  WGN Radio is kind enough to allow me on his show to offer shelters exposure, and to adopt dogs in need of forever homes. Listen HERE as we talk…

January 26 2015

Adopt a Pit Bull, Steve and Steve Help Find a Home

Rescuing dogs called pit bulls is what Chicago Blackhawk Bryan Bickell and his wife Amanda do. On Tuesday, January 27 Amanda will be with Steve Cochran and Steve Dale, on their monthly segment – Steve and Steve Adopt-A-Pet on WGN Radio. Cifford (Cliff to his friends) is what a dog is supposed to be: Pure…

January 12 2015

Chicago Mayoral Candidate Alderman Bob Fioretti Talks Dogs

Chicago Alderman and Mayoral candidate Bob Fioretti offers his platform for pets on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio. Listen HERE as the second ward Alderman begins by saying he is opposed breed specific legislation (BSL). He says he’s certainly supportive of any (sensible) ordinance which supports public safety, but he notes BSL is unfair…

January 10 2015

Mayoral Candidate Bob Fioretti on WGN Radio to Talk Politics and Dogs

Chicago Mayoral Candidate Bob Fioretti appears on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio (720 AM or listen HERE) on Sunday morning (January 11), 6:35 AM CDT. I will talk with Alderman Fioretti about pet political topics: – How he feels about the Chicago Park District deciding they now won’t allow dogs in the new Maggie…

December 29 2014

Pets' Year in Review: Steve Dale's Columns

More than anything else, I hope my newspaper columns helps families, afterall pets are considered members of the family. 2014 included columns on many topics I was proud to elevate to a public platform. Journalist Julia Szabo spoke with me about her book,  “Medicine Dog: The Miraculous Cure That Healed My Best Friend and Saved…

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