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Dog flu continues in the US

Dog Flu Continues to be Relentless

The dog flu is unrelenting. Likely because there’s simply so much other news, from politics to hurricanes, you haven’t heard about it. But the dog flu (canine influenza virus) doesn’t care. Numbers only indicate a small part of the story. Most pet caretakers with coughing dogs do visit the veterinarian.  Knowing what other dogs in…
Dog flu is now in Boston

Dog Flu Hits Boston

While the Boston Red Sox are in first place, dog flu has officially slipped into score a first hit in Boston. As far as can be determined, there’s been only one confirmed case. However, no one knows how many dogs have truly been sickened, certainly that number is more than one. There is no CDC…

Dog Flu in Michigan: Nothing to Sneeze At

The Michigan State Veterinary Medical Association is taking canine flu seriously and warning dog owners to take precautions. Statewide. according to the Michigan Department of Agriculture, there have been 49 confirmed cases since July 13. That may not sound like a lot – but it is in actuality. Here’s why: Most dogs, the overwhelming majority,…

Dog Flu Forces Boarding Facilities in Michigan to Close

Dog flu has hit Michigan quickly and hard, clearly an outbreak. The H3N2 dog flu strain has particularly affected suburban Detroit in both Macomb and Wayne Counties, as well as Kent County (which includes Grand Rapids), and sporadic additional other dogs with flu have been identified all around the lower peninsula. The overwhelming majority of…

Dog Flu Update

Various labs track canine influenza virus, and IDEXX make their numbers public.  Here’s the latest: The outbreak in New York has increased rapidly by the end of May, and continues into June 24, with 69 positive cases from June 1st through the 24th. The index case was detected April 30th; total of 134 cases (including…

Dog Flu Encore Appearance in Arkansas

It’s not like the dog flu (strain H3N2) hasn’t previously appeared in Arkansas, it has. Now, it’s back, at least in Washington, AR. Several dogs have reported severe respiratory illness over the past couple of weeks. How bad it is? How bad will it get? Well, that depends on how many dogs are vaccinated or…

National Dog Flu Day

June 20 is a national howliday – it is National Dog Flu Day.  That means – in some places veterinarians are offering the dog flu vaccine at a lower cost.  Contact your veterinarian, or check out this dog flu site. Truly, outbreaks have hit around the country, on both coasts, in unexpected rural areas and…

Dog Flu In New York Should Be Big News

Sometimes for an issue to receive national press the picture has to become really bleak, particularly regarding animal health. Positive, verified H3N2 canine influenza reports, according to IDEXX, have about doubled in and around New York City from May numbers through today, and we’re only half way through June. What’s really important to note is…

Dog Flu: Predictable and Unpredictable

In some ways dog flu (canine influenza virus) is unpredictable, and in some ways it’s very predictable. You can learn more by viewing a Facebook Live event I will host, “Heroes Know the Truth About Dog Flu: What’s Real and What’s Not,”  today June 6 at 6 p.m. CDT with Internal Medicine specialist Dr. Robert Armentano and Dr.…

Dog Flu Update on Facebook Live Event

Dog flu is now inundating New York City. There is a reason June 20 is Dog Flu Awareness Day. Here and there, the canine influenza virus (CIV) continues to pop up around America, still on the West Coast, in Chicago it lives and in many other locals aside from the Big Apple. And it may…

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