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Jackson Galaxy on Catificaiton

Jackson Galaxy and I met on a game show for cats! Listen HERE from my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show, as we talk about that and the content of his newest book (with Kate Benjamin) called “Catificaiton.”  Being inside our homes (which is safer), cats don’t get the chance to do hunt, catch, kill…

Cat and Dog Game

Q: I have a 10-month-old Bedlington Terrier and a Siamese cat. Our dog is intent on chasing the cat, and it’s annoying. The cat is not afraid and sometimes encourages the dog. How can I stop this from happening? — P.D., via cyberspace A: Hmmm, annoying to whom? “Based on your description, the cat sounds…

What's the Best Way to Move A Cat

Q: We’re moving from the Las Vegas area to the Chicago area. What’s the best way to move our 12-year-old cat? I’m worried she may be too large to fit under the seat on an airplane. Or should she endure a three-day care ride? I’m in a quandary.  J.N. Henderson, NV A: “I think the…

Indoor Cat Is Offended by Outdoor Cat

Q: A few months ago, I found a skinny, sweet cat on my deck. Now, Spot comes around for food, and we’ve provided a bed and shelter.  But Spot never comes inside because our 9-year old cat Prince wouldn’t stand for it. As it is, Prince gets very upset when Spot appears; he yells and…

Pet Questions Answered on WGN Radiio

Steve Dale’s PetWorld on WGN Radio featured you – as I simply talk to you, answering your questions. Listener Phyllis has a Bedlington Terrier who loves to chase the family cat around the house and Perry wanted to know about using an in-home veterinarian for cats. Listen HERE to the show. I refer to the…

Cat Is Biting Elderly Owner

Q: My elderly mother adopted an 11-year-old Siamese cat 7 months ago. After three months, the cat began to bite her. The previous owners claim the cat was never aggressive. Mom tries to play with the cat and give it lots of attention, which didn’t happen with the other owners. When Mom was in the…

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