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Enriched Pet Environments Lead to Healthier Lives

I contend the average monkey, black bear or lion at a zoo has a more enriched life than most of our dogs and cats at home.  In fact, all pets require some enrichment – even lizards, and most certainly pet parrots. Enrichment is manipulating the environment to suit an animals’ natural behavior.  Over a long…

Pet Behavior Problems

Anytime you note a change in behavior in your dog or cat, contact your veterinarian. It’s my mantra these days. And I’m not alone, Dr. Kate Crumley, president of the American Animal Hospital Association agrees. Listen HERE as Dr. Crumley explains on nationally syndicated Steve Dale’s Pet World  that you should always think about any changes…

Dog Doesn't Like Boyfriend, Cat Attacks, and Flea Fiesta: Your Pet Questions

LAS VEGAS, NV — This week, experts attending the Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas, NV, Feb.15-19, have answered your queries: Q: My Chihuahua growls constantly at my boyfriend, even snapping at times. My boyfriend does give him treats, or tries to, but the dog is scared. My dog seems to respond this way to…

Aggressive Cat Bites Me

Q: My cat is moody. Since we adopted him, we’ve had a problem with him biting to show his displeasure and annoyance, particularly toward me. He gets so vicious sometimes that I have to lock myself in the bedroom until he calms down. We hope to have children soon, so we’re concerned. Any advice? —…

Veterinary Professionals Stand Together Against Puppy Mills

“I don’t understand how in a country of animal lovers, puppy mills can be tolerated,” says Chicago veterinarian Dr. Scott Rovner. “Now, we’ve finally begun to speak up and do something about it; we need to.” Rovner and a Chicago colleague, Dr. Jane Lohmar (with this reporter) recently founded a loosely-knit organization called Veterinary Professionals…

Cat Friendly Veterinary Practices

The American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) has created a new kind of veterinary experience for cats – it’s called Cat Friendly Practices. Listen HERE as Dr.Colleen Currigan, president of the Board of Tree House Humane Society and incoming president of AAFP discusses how to make the world a better place for cats on WGN…

Is Laser Declaw Really a More Humane Option?

Q: I was told that it is possible to humanely declaw cats with a laser.  My two kittens are dangerous with their claws.  What can I do?  C. S., Cyberspace A: Dangerous kittens? Really? No offense, but I’m unsure how kittens might be perceived as dangerous. It’s true that kitten nails can be sharp, especially when they…

Experts Answer Pet Questions: North American Veterinary Conference

ORLANDO, FLA. — Experts converged to teach veterinary professionals at the North American Veterinary Conference in Orlando Jan. 17-21. Some of those renowned experts took time to answer your questions. Q: Molly, my 5-year-old Jack Russell, had her teeth cleaned previously with no problems. About a month ago, after having her teeth cleaned again, she…

Chicago Animal Care & Control: Meet Your Valentine

Meet Your March event at Chicago Animal Care & Control, 2741 S. Western Ave. on February 14 and 15. Visit the city facility and choose a new best friend, and also shop at the pet boutique market  -how romantic. I will be there Saturday from 1 to 2:30 p.m. to answer pet behavior questions. All adoptions…

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