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November 13 2014

Indoor Cat Is Offended by Outdoor Cat

Q: A few months ago, I found a skinny, sweet cat on my deck. Now, Spot comes around for food, and we’ve provided a bed and shelter.  But Spot never comes inside because our 9-year old cat Prince wouldn’t stand for it. As it is, Prince gets very upset when Spot appears; he yells and…

November 10 2014

Pet Questions Answered on WGN Radiio

Steve Dale’s PetWorld on WGN Radio featured you – as I simply talk to you, answering your questions. Listener Phyllis has a Bedlington Terrier who loves to chase the family cat around the house and Perry wanted to know about using an in-home veterinarian for cats. Listen HERE to the show. I refer to the…

November 10 2014

Cat Is Biting Elderly Owner

Q: My elderly mother adopted an 11-year-old Siamese cat 7 months ago. After three months, the cat began to bite her. The previous owners claim the cat was never aggressive. Mom tries to play with the cat and give it lots of attention, which didn’t happen with the other owners. When Mom was in the…

November 6 2014

Jackson Galaxy's Secret to Happy Cats: Catification

A cat’s mind is a terrible thing to waste. “Cats are emotional beings, and they require stimulation — every day,” says Jackson Galaxy, host of Animal Planet’s “My Cat From Hell.” “I go into boring homes, where there is nothing for the cats,” Galaxy continues. “As a result, over time, they lose their inner cat and…

November 3 2014

Catification Saves Cats Lives, Jackson Galaxy

Jackson Galaxy is about to kick off season six of “My Cat From Hell” on Animal Planet, and he says he’s really happy. His book “Catification: Designing a Happy and Stylish Home for Your Cat and Your Cat (and You)” is about giving cats what they really need, the art of creating environmental enrichment for…

October 6 2014

Sophia Yin, Lorie Huston: Giant Contributions for Pets

 Dr. Sophia Yin, an applied animal behaviorist, was one of the first to join my public outcry of then-popular dog trainer Cesar Millan’s emphasis on forceful, aversive dog training as well as conveying misleading messages regarding dog behavior. In a 2005 newspaper piece for this column, Yin said of Millan, “He seems to have found success…

October 3 2014

Dr. Sophia Yin: Her Legacy

Dr. Sophia Yin, applied animal behaviorist, who died as a result of a suicide at 48 on September 28 , was brilliant. Positively brilliant. Brilliance is sometimes difficult to explain and difficult to understand. We produced this video to shine a spotlight on Dr. Yin’s messages regarding animal handling and positive reinforcement, rather than focus…

October 3 2014

Declaw Is Not Amputation? Not Quite

Q: We don’t consider a declaw an amputation, as you insist it is. Our cats survive longer because we keep them indoors. We love our cats; they even sleep in our bed. Don’t you believe under those conditions it’s OK to declaw? — H.T., Tampa, FL A: It is likely your cats will live longer…

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