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Frisbee Disc Competition, Why No Cat Statues, Dog Flu That is Not Flu, Rhino Bowling, and More

I talk about the dog statues on Michigan Avenue on WGN Radio’s Steve Dale’s Pet World. Check out the podcast HERE as I chat about the 54-inch-tall fiberglass dog statues of “police dogs,” which are a part of the K9s for Cops campaign to pay tribute to the canine unit, honor fallen Chicago police officers, and…

Windy Kitty, Feliway Saves the Kitties

It’s official: Cats at the Windy Kitty Cat Café & Lounge will not be stressed out. That’s because there will be an abundance of Feliway and Feliway MultiCat diffusers plugged in. CEVA Animal Health, which manufactures the pheromone product, made two substantial donations to the Windy Kitty Cat Café and Lounge. The first is cash.…

Dogs Helping to Develop a Blood Test for Ovarian Cancer

After first speaking with newsman Dave Schwaney about an interesting Lyft ride and driver, listen HERE to Vallie Szamanski, executive director and a co-founder of Ovarian Symptom Awareness (OCSA) tells an amazing story on my WGN Radio show about how dogs are helping to develop an early detection blood test for ovarian cancer. Vallie first explains how…

Windy City to Windy Kitty: Help Cat Café to Help Cats

Why a cat café? What’s the big deal? It’s true, even some in animal welfare may not get it, though most people do. In fact, the prospects are exciting for the Windy Kitty Cat Café and Lounge. However, the INDIEGOGO campaign, which was initiated to fund the project, got off to a slow start. And now there’s…

Cat Café Set to Open in the Windy Kitty

Windy Kitty Cat Cafe and Lounge is the topic… That’s right: There are 81 cat cafés in America, and hopefully soon one will open in Chicago. HEAR Jenny Tiner on my WGN Radio show explain the goal of typical and real cat cafés: to find homes for cats in need. Jenny Tiner said everyone looked happy at…

Cat Café Will Open in Chicago with Your Help

Chicago needs a cat café. By one count, there are 81 cat cafés in North America. Chicago is lagging behind. One north side animal shelter fundraised, and publicized promising a café. By all accounts, that’s unlikely to open anytime soon, or at least as originally conceived. Jennifer Tiner, who once volunteered at that shelter, has taken…

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