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Feliscratch to the Rescue of Scratching Cats

Attention all cat owners: Cats scratch. It’s what they are hardwired to do. Veterinary behaviorist Dr. Theresa DePorter says on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show that the intent of cats is not to destroy our furniture, but rather to communicate visually and via scent with one another. Even Dr. DePorter says that she has given…

Amazing Acro-Cats on WGN Radio

Samantha Martin demonstrates that cats can rock ‘n roll like no one’s business, the Amazing Acro-Cats HERE on WGN Radio. Martin and I explain how cats and I suggest that cats are actually creative. You can train your own cats at home, and we explain how. So many benefits to training cats, for one thing…

Windy City to Windy Kitty: Help Cat Café to Help Cats

Why a cat café? What’s the big deal? It’s true, even some in animal welfare may not get it, though most people do. In fact, the prospects are exciting for the Windy Kitty Cat Café and Lounge. However, the INDIEGOGO campaign, which was initiated to fund the project, got off to a slow start. And now there’s…

What Cat Friendlier Means to You

If you have a cat, you are lucky, and probably have more than one cat, but I digress. If you have a cat (or more), you need to hear this interview. I speak with Dr. Elizabeth Colleran of the American Association of Feline Practitioners about Cat Friendly Practices on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World…

Overweight Cat Makes Garfield Look Small

Q: I have an overweight cat, who makes Garfield look tiny. My vet says because Stella is now middle aged, she’s going to have many problems if we don’t get her weight down. She’s on a special diet, and we adjusted her feeding, so she’s only eating at the times we feed our dog. Our…

Cats Win with NoBowl Enrichment

I began talking about environmental enrichment at veterinary and animal welfare conferences about 15 years ago, and now those two words are on trend. Environmental enrichment is providing suitable outlets to meet a specific species’ environmental needs. Those needs vary, depending on the species. A meerkat will have different needs than a lowland gorilla, which will…

Cat Friendly Practices: The Best for Cats

Want to know the best thing for cats since tuna? It’s Cat Friendly Practices. Listen HERE to my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show as I chat with Dr. Elizabeth Colleran of the American Association of Feline Practitioners about this fairly new commitment to reducing stress and anxiety in cats when they visit the veterinarian. Most cats…

Camels Can Hop On to the Scale But Not Cats?

If zoos can weigh animals, from tiny poison arrow frogs to tigers to Bactrian camels, and the animals willingly go onto the scale (some even seem to enjoy the experience), why can’t we get our dogs and cats to do the same at the veterinary clinic without feeling fear, anxiety and stress? Well, we can, of…

Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day

Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day is August 22. Most kittens often do see a veterinarian, but after that most cats do not and frankly —- be ready —- I think that is animal abuse. Enough playing around, cats are not getting proper care without veterinary care. End of story. And that’s a shame…

Do Pets Have a Sense of Humor?

Our pets have emotions all kinds. That’s not news to pet owners. In fact, pet owners have known this for thousands of years. However, scientists, until recently, called it anthropomorphizing, or offered other explanations. One of the first scientists to peek inside brains to prove that animals do have basic feelings is Jaak Panksepp, who…

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