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More Evidence Regarding Declaw in Cats

Increasingly, it appears fewer cat owners seek to have their cats declawed. Increasingly, organized veterinary medicine discourages declaw (Onychectomy), and increasingly some individual veterinarian refuse under any circumstances to declaw. Other veterinarians will only declaw after all behavior alternatives are tried. There’s no data to absolutely demonstrate, but declaw is likely being done today far…

Mother Knows Best

Q: My mother told me to write you – as she says you are the person will all the answers. When I take my makeup off, I use baby oil. My cat, Daisy, sits on the sink waiting to lick the top of the bottle. Is baby oil harmful to cats? M. H., St. Petersburg,…

Do Speak with Your Veterinarian About Any Change in Behavior

Sometimes pet owners either believe their veterinarian doesn’t want to hear about pet behavior problems, isn’t qualified to help or often people are just to embarrassed to bring up. However, for starters, any change in a pet’s behavior may actually signal a medical explanation, which the veterinarian needs to know, says Dr. Pamela Nicholas, board…

Duffer Schultz

When legendary veterinary behaviorist Dr. R. K. Anderson first told me, “And Duffer will film the segment,” it was like a “who’s on first” routine. I said, “What? You’re bringing a golfer?” “No,” laughed R. K. “I don’t know about golf.” “Is that Duffer something you hit a golf ball with?” “No, it’s my videographer.”…

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