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Chicago Animal Care and Control, Update

Here’s an update from Ch. 9 (WGN-TV) reporter Marcella Raymond’s initial report. How can this be defended? A select few are trying very hard. I curious….why?  

Employee of Animal Care and Control: We Were NEVER This Full

(Understand this is only one person’s perspective, also consider this note is consistent with the many calls I’ve received from employees and volunteers. I don’t recall ever personally meeting this employee. The author did sign but I think the request for anonymity is reasonable): I am an employee of Chicago ACC, as I am sure…

Superhero, Dr. Rubin the Mythbuster!!!

Dr. Sheldon Rubin busting common myths about pets on the Channel 9, WGN TV Noon News:

Chicago Animal Care and Control Exposed

WGN-TV, Channel Nine’s Marcella Raymond’s report on condtions at Chicago Animal Care and Control. I’ve been asking, ‘How is this allowed to happen?’ for some time. Outraged? Contact City Hall.  

It's the Science of Learning

I respect veterinary behaviorist Dr. Gary Landsberg, and agree with everything he says. . . From horses to dogs, no choking, yanking, whipping required. (post idea from Facebook fan, cat behavior consultant Pam Johnson Bennett – personally I’m her fan). Dr. Lansberg interviewed here by Dr. Pete VanVranken for DVM 360.

Scoop At the American Humane Association

Since a part of the American Humane Association mission is animal welfare – it’s just perfect that I have a scoop. And this is a scoop which I am incredibly proud and excited to announce. Dr. Robin Ganzert Robin Ganzert Ph.D., has been named the American Humane Association Chief Executive Officer and President, effective October…

Recent Pet Food Recalls Are Unfortunate, But No Reason To Panic

I am not suggesting the scare concerning the possibility of salmonella in cat foods shouldn’t concern or upset consumers. However, some of the email I’m receiving are more than a little over-the-top, though I understand your emotion (and feel it myself). First, take a breath and consider this: Salmonella recalls are not new. They’ve been…

Best Cat Adoption Video EVER

Best cat adoption video ever – what else can I say. Watch, and maybe you too will adopt….

A Party to Help Animals All Night Long with Lionel Richie

Lionel Richie said, “I do it all night long for the animals” at Lulu’s Barkin’ Barbecue (to benefit the Lulu Mobile Clinic for Dogs and Cats). This IS one of the big social events of the year in Denver, benefiting the amazing Denver Dumb Friends League. On August 21, 2010 several of us from American…

One Cat, One Box

For Cats 101 on Animal Planet, I’ll be talking about enrichment techniques. Expensive toys, sure. Some toys don’t come cheap. After your next UPS delivery, save the box for your cat! Simon shows you what I mean.

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