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Global Pet Expo

I was at the largest pet trade show, the Global Pet Expo March 27 for a press conferences (to name the dog with the best smile – more on that in a blog post to come). Here’s are highlights:

American Humane's Field Trip 'Cross Town to Denver Dumb Friends League

Denver Dumb Friends League CEO and President Bob Rohde calls his facility a ‘little old shelter in a cow town.’ Not hardly. This is a Hilton among animal shelters. I’m on the Board of American Humane, and our Board of Directors and members of senior staff took a field trip to the shelter on Saturday…

The Truth About EPA Warnings Concerning Flea and Tick Products

The Environmental Protection Agency is requiring beefed up labeling for flea and tick products used on dogs and cats amid a significant increase in adverse incidents, the EPA is taking a series of actions to increase the safety of spot-on pesticide products for flea and tick control for cats and dogs. I wonder if this…

The Link: Animal Absuse Is Warning

American Humane should have been mentioned in this piece from the New York Times on animal abuse as a clue to additional cruelties. The Link, documented by the American Humane Association years ago, is nothing new. That’s the link between violence and abuse to animals begetting violence to people. The good news is that even…

Help To Afford Vet Costs

Wow – Talk about filling a niche that is SO needed. The Trio Animal Foundation helps individuals and rescue groups in need to pay for veterinary care. Sue Naiden, the organization’s founder will tell the amazing tail of how the organization began, named for a three-legged used for bait by dogfigters. Also, joining us with…

Shooting Cats

I admit it, I laughed out loud. As I recall, just 48 hours after a politician proposed to legalize shooting feral cats in Wisconsin a few years back, some doofus shot his neighbor while aiming at a cat. Now, they’re thinking of shooting cats in New Jersey, of all places. I understand all the issues…

Simon's Cat Waking Owner

This automated video is SO on target. Compare with the real thing, a dude name Simon waking up because of his feline alarm.

An Alarm Clock, or a Cat? This is Simon's Real Cat

Simon’s Cat is a well known animated cat seen on YouTube. I posted a Simon Cat in the snow.  A colleague sent me this – from YouTube, a real Simon Cat serving as an alarm clock. Notice the similarity to Simon Cat waking Simon, the animated video.  

The Amazing Rock Cats Perform on WLS-AM

No, it’s not Roe Conn, It’s not Don or Roma, or Cisco….or even Rush – these cool cats really are cats. Hear a performance from the Rock Cats Satrday, March 13, 6 am cst (, WLS 890-AM on Steve Dale’s Pet World.These cats are members of a band, who take their act on the road,…

Simon Cowell, Hard-Hearted to AI Contestants But Soft-Hearted to Animals

If you’re not a fan of Simon Cowell, this video will change your mind. Cowell is speaking up for international animal protection and that Animals do Matter from the World Society for the Protection of Animals. 

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