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Simon's Cat Waking Owner

This automated video is SO on target. Compare with the real thing, a dude name Simon waking up because of his feline alarm.

An Alarm Clock, or a Cat? This is Simon's Real Cat

Simon’s Cat is a well known animated cat seen on YouTube. I posted a Simon Cat in the snow.  A colleague sent me this – from YouTube, a real Simon Cat serving as an alarm clock. Notice the similarity to Simon Cat waking Simon, the animated video.  

The Amazing Rock Cats Perform on WLS-AM

No, it’s not Roe Conn, It’s not Don or Roma, or Cisco….or even Rush – these cool cats really are cats. Hear a performance from the Rock Cats Satrday, March 13, 6 am cst (, WLS 890-AM on Steve Dale’s Pet World.These cats are members of a band, who take their act on the road,…

Simon Cowell, Hard-Hearted to AI Contestants But Soft-Hearted to Animals

If you’re not a fan of Simon Cowell, this video will change your mind. Cowell is speaking up for international animal protection and that Animals do Matter from the World Society for the Protection of Animals. 

Who Needs A Lawyer? In Switzerland, Not Your Animals

Voters in Switzerland have rejected a proposal to introduce a nationwide system of state-funded lawyers to represent animals in court. Animal rights groups had maintained that pets need someone to speak up for them. But understanding that this legal ‘service’ would hardly be free,around 70% of voters turned down  the proposal. Indeed Switzerland is a…

Circle the Cat Game

Looking for a little diversion in your day? Cat got your tongue? I think this game – Circle the Cat – is impossible. But you can sure give it a try. 

Let's End Heart Disease in Cats: I Need Your Help

If ever a journalist was right, blogger Franny Syufy wrote “I deeply loved my cat Ricky.’ Of course, we all love our pets, but every once in a while, there’s that pet who has a special connection with you, who touches your heart as few do. Ricky Ricky was that cat for me – and…

Chicago Tribune Story, Animal Activists Target Big Breeders, Puppy Mills

Kudos to Tribune reporters Lisa Black and Jeff Long for their coverage of the movement to do away with corporate breeders and puppy mills. Of course, doing away with puppy mills would be a very good thing. It boggles my mind as to how some puppy mills are now allowed to operate – it seems…

How to Feed Cats, Making Life More Interesting for Cats

Environmental enrichment for cats, from the Animal Behavior Resource Institute. This website is a great resource.

Report from the Lincoln State Cat Show

Here’s a view from my perch, Lincoln State Cat Show, continuing through 28, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. at Harper College, 1200 W. Algonquin Rd., Bldg. M, Palatine. Admission is $8 (Children under 6 free). Over 20 breeds presented, lots of breed booths, vendors selling everything cat on the planet and various expert speakers. Proceeds benefiting the…

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