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Articles: Cesar Millan

August 2 2018

Roller Coaster Life of Cesar Millan: Petcube Chooses Him as a Spokesperson

I almost feel sorry for the famed Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan after watching this video: And this video only offers the highlights – both good and not so good. While all our lives are a bit of a roller coaster, his has been a particularly wild ride. I am writing about Millan again because Petcube, a…

July 24 2018

Pet Cube Partners with Cesar Millan: What Message Are They Sending Now?

The Petcube is a wi-fi camera and treat dispenser that allows family members to keep an eye on their dog using a phone app when not home, and even offer treats remotely as well as to talk to your best friend from far away. This product supports the human-animal bond, and better understanding our dogs…

April 11 2016

Cesar Millan Eludes Animal Cruelty Charge

“Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan eludes facing animal cruelty charges, following an investigation by the Los Angeles County Animal Control. Recently, Millan allowed (and some might argue encouraged) a dog named Simon to attack a pig. That’s right, a pig. I wrote about what went wrong on that episode of Cesar 99, which aired on Nat Geo Wild.…

April 8 2016

Society of Animal Behavior Questions Cesar Millan Methods

Cesar Millan goes by his gut, and his own experiences….that’s fine, except he’s also ‘teaching’ millions watching on TV. Over the years, some of those methods have clearly been inhumane, and his general approach is based on dominance theory – that if you don’t dominate your dog, your dog with dominate you. That’s rubbish!! Still,…

March 14 2016

What Has Cesar Millan Learned?

Cesar Millan is still the dog screamer. I am truly saddened by the episode which Millan allowed (and some might argue encouraged) a dog named Simon to attack a pig. Millan is now being investigated for animal cruelty as a result. My “relationship” with Cesar Millan dates back to 2006, I was one of the…

March 20 2015

Highlights of Twenty Years of Pet Writing

Summing up twenty years isn’t easy, as I begin my third decade of writing my Tribune Content Agency newspaper column I have a wealth of memories to recall. I was the first journalist to speak with a search and rescue dog handler at the World Trade Center, within 48 hours after September 11, 2001.  Driving…

October 6 2014

Sophia Yin, Lorie Huston: Giant Contributions for Pets

 Dr. Sophia Yin, an applied animal behaviorist, was one of the first to join my public outcry of then-popular dog trainer Cesar Millan’s emphasis on forceful, aversive dog training as well as conveying misleading messages regarding dog behavior. In a 2005 newspaper piece for this column, Yin said of Millan, “He seems to have found success…

January 7 2014

Dog Behavior Book, American College of Veterinary Behaviorists

To this day, Google “dog screamer” in the number one position, up pops a story I wrote for this national newspaper column, called “He Ought To Call Himself the Dog Screamer.” That column, written back in 2006, went crazy viral. I received hundreds of pieces of hate email because I dared express concerns about dog…

October 26 2012

Bill Leff WGN Podcast: Obama and Service Dogs; Pets on Halloween; Fixing Werewolves and More

I talk about a wide variety of topics with Bill Leff of WGN Radio. LISTEN HERE Bill Leff  was a problem for me….I couldn’t stop laughing….Always enjoy appearing on Bill’s show – but my stomach hurt by the time this guest shot was over. I seriously did speak about the VA’s sudden suspension of support of service…

October 24 2012

Nailing Cesar Millan With Tough, Truthful, Appropriate Questions – It's About Time

Cesar Millan finally gets his….I was certain I may have been the only TV/radio personality to directly confront Millan on-air. I don’t know UK TV host Alan Titchmarsh, but I most certainly celebrate his direct approach. He’s asked the right questions. It’s the American Humane Association who negotiated at the time with the National Geographic…

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