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Articles: Chicago Animal Care and Control

Friends of Animal Control Honors Dr. Shelly Rubin

Can you imagine doing anything for 41 years? And then retire, only to do more of it – but now as a volunteer, only payment is satisfaction. Dr. Shelly Rubin’s career spanned four decades at Blum Animal Hospital before he retired. For him, retirement means continuing to serve on the Board of Directors of the…

Chicago City Shelter Doing Better than You May Think

Was on WGN radio with Bill Leff and Wendy Snyder, and spoke the truth about our City’s municipal shelter, Chicago Animal Care & Control.  I explain to Bill and Wendy, that with limited resources for a City our size we do great, as about 90 percent plus of cats make it out, and well over…

Animal Care & Control Open House; Your Help is Needed

An open house at Chicago Animal Care & Control (CACC) included several aldermen and aldermanic representatives, as well as various partners, such as rescue groups and Safe Humane Chicago. These aldermen obviously cared enough to be there. I had the honor of introducing executive director Susan Russell. I spoke about how I’ve known about every…

Animal Welfare Optimism, If We Are Kind to Each Other

Dogs, cats and other creatures have been in my life now for over 20 years. Personally, I know I’ve made a difference in a good way, everything from coming up with ideas like allowing dogs to come to the ball park (with the White Sox at first, and now replicated around America) to the Dog…

Get on Your Tail and Your Tux for Chicago Animals

Kristin Lanigan, president of Friends of Chicago Animal Care & Control talks about the organization and the municipal city shelter on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio: Listen HERE. We talked a lot about a black tie gala for Chicago’s neediest animals, Tuxes and Tails, an event held April 9, 7pm at the swanky and pet-friendly…

Friends of Chicago Animal Care & Control

Kristin Lanigan, president of Friends of Chicago Animal Care & Control talks about the organization and the municipal city shelter on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio: Listen HERE. In Chicago about 22,0000 animals pass through Chicago Animal Care & Control, and for all sorts of reasons. The goal of Friends is to help the…

Friends of Chicago Animal Care & Control Honors Seve Dale

There are many reasons why this honor from Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control means so much to me….while I’ve been bestowed many awards/honors, this comes from Chicago, my city….a select few know what I did do for Chicago Animal Care & Control, which I am as proud as anything I’ve done in my career.  Things…

Puppy Mill Awareness Day

 Victoria Stilwell, from Animal Planet’s ‘It’s Me or the Dog’ is the spokesperson for National Puppy Mill Awareness Day, September 27. Hear Victoria from my WGN Radio show  Steve Dale’s Pet World. Listen HERE. It’s all about awareness – we talk about sad truths regarding puppy mills. Not only are all dogs (cats and sometimes rabbits) sold…

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