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Dr. Paul Lisnek Assume Guilt and on the Year in Chicago Politics

What are you going to? He showed up, so had to have WGN-TV political commentator and author of more books than Shakespeare has written plays, Dr. Paul Lisnek  on the radio when I filled in for Roe Conn. Listen HERE to our wide ranging conversation, which begins with him plugging his latest book Assume Guilt.…

Chicago Police Chaplain and Cannabis Enforcement on WGN

Chicago Police Department Chaplain Robert Montelongo joins me HERE on WGN Radio, as I filled in for Roe Conn. Montelongo talks, for starters, about what chaplains for he Chicago Police Department do. We talk about the increasing suicide rates, not only among law enforcement in Chicago but all around the country. I asked what is…

Chicago Canine Rescue First Annual Chicago Taco & Tequila Fest

The best fundraiser EVER: Chicago Canine Rescue First Annual Chicago Taco & Tequila Fest.  Stuffed tortillas and the juices of the blue agave plant (better known to distilled spirits aficionados as tequila) are center stage. And there will also be a stage with live music. Both traditional and exotic ingredient-stuffed tortillas will be smartly paired…

Anti Cruelty Society Bark in the Park on WGN Radio

I begin with WGN Radio Steve Dale’s Pet World by announcing HERE that the bill I proposed to mandate fire safety and protection in Illinois kennels and boarding facilities appears to be on its way to becoming law. In politics, “It ain’t over, till it’s over,” but – for now – it looks good that…

Chicago Animal Control Orphans Need a Change

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel fired Susan Russell, executive director of Chicago Animal Care and Control on June 29. Consider: If Russell’s primary mission was to save animals, she was doing just that. Live release numbers in just over two years swung from just under 70 percent for cats and just 70 percent for dogs to…

Chicago Animal Care & Control Does Have a Euthanasia Policy

I don’t understand why Chicago Animal Care & Control (CACC) and Executive Director Susan Russell continue to be targeted by Alderman Raymond Lopez (15th Ward). According to a Chicago Sun Times story from February 26, Ald. Lopez offers a new addition to the ordinance regarding animal control and said, “This ordinance requires that Animal Care and…

Foster a Chicago Dog or Cat

Number one way to save animal lives: Foster! Fostering in your home gets them out of the shelter environment (which just isn’t as comfortable as a home and is healthier); allows an appropriate assessment (animals are more likely to act like themselves in homes, and frees up shelter space. Also, for some who don’t want…

Dogs Found Dead in a Chicago Apartment

Two dogs were found dead in an apartment at 500 W. Belmont in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood. Little is known, except that the dogs were found late last week by a maintenance worker. While police indicate it seems the dogs were neglected,  the 22-year-old owner was charged with failure to perform animal ownership duties and animal cruelty…

#ChicagoProud Podcast

Following a conversation with Paul Lisnek with former Governor Pat Quinn about elections vs. appointments for the school board, I’m up with Alderman James Cappleman talking about #ChicagoProud. Listen HERE to the WGNPlus Behind the Curtain Podcast.  #ChicagoProud is a way to anyone and everyone to support the good that happens every day in Chicago.…

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