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April 23 2019

Intimate Conversation with Dr. Jane Goodall

I’ve interviewed thousands, but never anyone like Dr. Jane Goodall, who should receive the next Nobel Peace Prize. My hope is that you support this effort. Dr. Goodall, who just celebrated her 85th birthday on April 3, is in person a slight women, who talks softly. Still, make no mistake about her ability to speak…

June 12 2015

Chimpanzees Get Drunk

There’s AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) – Now, there’s AAA (Alcoholic Ape Anonymous). A 17-year study revealed chimpanzees use leaves to drink fermented palm sap, which makes them drunk if they over-indulge. Some are addicted. Scientists studying chimpanzees in Guinea, Africa have seen evidence of long-term and recurrent ingestion of ethanol by apes. The study – published…

March 16 2015

Ebola Rampant in Great Apes

The Ebola crisis has currently killed an estimated 11,205 people, according to the World Health Organization, as of March 11, 2015.  Though is the U.S. Ebola is out of the new, the crisis still exists in West Africa. People continue to die. And what we are not hearing about, so are our cousins, the Great Apes.…

January 18 2015

Unlikely Animal Friends

An orangutan and a dog as best pals makes perfect sense, but how about piglets and a tiger. Sometimes nature is hard to figure out….but adorable. (Thanks to Dennis Damon for the post)  

November 16 2014

Lincoln Park Zoo and Animals Lose a Friend

Sometimes people impact your life so profoundly….sometimes they are school teachers, one of mine was an animal teacher, named Pat Sass. My interest in animals goes back many years, and includes more than pets. Back when I was in college (University of Illinois, Chicago), I had a regular contingent of guests on my college radio…

November 19 2013

Chimpanzees Trading Sex for Meat?

Scientists from the Max Planck Institute in Germany studied a group of Chimpanzees in the Ivory Coast for three years. It was known that chimpanzees do sometimes hunt, and do eat meat. Meat is valuable to the chimps. Researchers discovered that female chimps ‘have relations’ more frequently with those males that share meat with them.…

May 13 2012

Chimpanzee Plans Attacks on Humans

A surprising number of people don’t much care about science, and just don’t believe we’re as closely linked to chimpanzees as we are. You’ve probably heard it all before – many studies come up with the same result. Most recently, scientists from the Wayne State University, School of Medicine, Detroit, examined key genes in humans…

April 1 2011

Need Market Advice, Ask A Chimp

Picking stocks, apparently any chimpanzee can do it The University of Cambridge in the UK confirms that chimpanzees are smarter than we think. Researchers there offered three apes the London Daily News. Then on a chalk board offered them investment choices. The same choices were presented to professional investment brokers. If they had real money…

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