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August 11 2015

Cockatiels Require A Class in Sex Ed

Q: I have two cockatiels. Sugar was found a roadside. She’s about 5-years old, and is rather skittish. After a couple of months, I though she could use a companion. Her name is Sweetie, and also a female. The pair quickly bonded. Sugar has become more tame, and Sweetie more wild. In the past year…

November 18 2013

Cockatiel Pulling Feathers, Except in August

Q: My cockatiel pulls out feathers on his back, on the tops of his wings, and on his breast until he’s almost bare. He does this year-round, except in August, when he has almost all his feathers. What can I do? And what is it about August? — J.F., Buffalo, NY A: Avian veterinarian Dr.…

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