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Articles: Companion Animal Parasite Council

August 12 2020

Companion Animal Parasite Council on Leptospirosis

From my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show, I talk with Dr. Emilio DeBess, Oregon State Public Health Veterinarian and President Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC) about leptospirosis. We discuss what leptospirosis is, and what the real threat is to dogs, and even potentially to all of us.  And how common this preventable disease truly…

July 16 2019

Top-10 Heartworm Cities

Nowadays, there’s a top-10 list for everything. I doubt it ever occurred to David Letterman to create a top-10 for cities with the most heartworm, but he would be thrilled to know there is now such a list. This list is based on the highest percentage increase in positive heartworm test results for dogs and cats…

April 7 2016

Tick Disease Epidemic

An epidemic of ticks! Not trying to be chicken little here, but that is what veterinary parasitologist Dr. Michael Dryden of Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine says. And where thee are more ticks than before – which is much of the U.S., that means more tick disease, affecting people and their pets. Lots…

September 2 2015

Tick Disease in Dogs the Fall – It's Still A Threat

Cool weather may be approaching, but that doesn’t mean the threat of ticks is going away anytime soon, as Dr. Craig Prior, board member of the Companion Animal Parasite Council . Listen here from my nationally syndicated Steve Dale’s Pet World, as Prior says ticks like to give disease to dogs in the fall, particularly Lyme disease.…

August 4 2015

You May be Sleeping with Fleas

Technology to fight fleas is better than ever! Some very recent changes, in fact, according to Dr. Craig Pryor of the Companion Animal Parasite Council. Listen HERE to Dr. Pryor talk about an oral chewable that will kill fleas for up to 12 weeks, and that is with one single treat – called Bravecto, on…

March 25 2015

Stay Ahead of Fleas and Mosquitoes, Protecting Our Pets

Fleas assumptions – now there’s a topic that in all his years in broadcasting on WGN Radio, I bet Orion Samuelson has never discussed, Roy Leonard likely never reviewed fleas and Wally Phillips rarely spoke about them….but I do and with the most renown expert on the planet, veterinary parisitologist Dr. Michael Dryden, Kansas State…

September 8 2014

Mosquitos Put the Bite on Our Pets

Ticks and fleas are an issue, but what about mosquitos? Aside from spreading heartworm disease (which the hope is that your pet is otherwise protected), mosquito bites itch. And because our pets are lower to the ground, they may be more susceptible to bites than people. Instead of being bitten once or twice, it’s not…

August 9 2014

Choosing the Right Flea Product to Protect Your Family

Picking a flea or tick product at a big-box store is typically a decision made on impulse, because the box is a pretty color or maybe the name of the product is recognizable, or maybe what’s on sale but these aren’t really the right reasons says Dr. Michael Dryden, veterinary parasitologist at Kansas State University.…

July 25 2014

Tick Disease: Veterinarians Ahead of Doctors

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced a year ago (August, 2013) that the centers’ own estimates, based on surveys of the public, medical claims and laboratory test results, suggest that only 1 in 10 cases of Lyme disease are reported nationwide — 30,000 reported cases compared with 300,000 actual cases. Lyme disease, no…

July 7 2014

Ticks Infect Dogs and People with a Cocktail, Including Lyme

Tick carry Lyme disease, and increasingly people know that. But it’s not only a matter of Lyme, it’s potentially a cocktail of tick disease.   An examination of thousands of blacklegged (or “deer”) ticks in upstate New York’s Duchess County revealed that while 30 percent of people were infected with the agent for Lyme disease, one third…

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