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Articles: Companion Animal Parasite Council

June 2 2014

Mosquitoes Are Buzzing and Biting; Our Pets Aren't Immune

Mosquitoes spread more disease to people than any creature on the planet. And our pets aren’t immune to their attack – not only potential for carrying potentially deadly heartworm disease, their itch is as uncomfortable for our pets as it is for us. That’s why veterinary parasitologist Dr. Byron Blagburn, distinguished professor Auburn University College of…

May 21 2014

Choosing The Right Flea & Tick Products

Fleas and ticks are everywhere, from the countryside to the big city….veterinary parasitologist Dr. Michael Dryden talks about choosing the right protection.  Dryden also talks fancy, about ‘residual speed of kill,’ and explains why that’s important and what the heck means. Learn more about pets and parasites from the Companion Animal Parasite Council. And remember…

April 29 2014

Tick Disease Prevention for Dogs

Why wait for a bite? Veterinary parasitologist and a founder and board member of the Companion Animal Parasite Council Dr. Byran Blagburn says that in his opinion it makes sense to use a topical tick preventative, products squeezed from a tube and placed on the back of a dog, with repellency properties. If the bug…

November 13 2012

Ticks In the Cold? It's True. Tick Protection Should Be Year-Round

No one likes ticks – they’re gross…Dr. Suzanne Causey, a field services veterinarian at Merial stopped by Steve Dale’s Pet World to talk about protection our pets from these dangerous parasites. Listen HERE. Most pet owners (hopefully) think tick disease, and protection for our pets in Spring and Summer….but protection shouldn’t stop there, she says.…

October 24 2012

Questions Answered: Catnip on a Plane; New Drug Can Help FIP Cats; Lyme is a Huge Threat

Q: We’ll be traveling to the Miami area by plane to see relatives for Thanksgiving. My daughters are both cat crazy, so we bought some really potent catnip at a local cat show and would like to take it to them. We’ve been storing it in the freezer. What happens when we go through airport…

March 12 2012

Parasite Council Purrs, 'Protect Your Cats'

Spring has sprung on Steve Dale’s Pet World, interviewing Dr. Catherine Lund, president elect of the Companion Animal Parasite Council advocates for parasite control. Yuck – but then worse, would be if your pets get those parasites….so prevention does matter. The focus of this conversation on protecting cats from parasites, heartworm disease, ticks and fleas.…

August 3 2011

On the Road Again, The Companion Animal Parasite Council

The Companion Animal Parasite Council is a not-for-profit who’s goal is to educate the public about parasite protection and control…So, each summer parasitologists hit the road – to go to the people – traveling in the parasite-mobile. Seriously, they do an amazing job of reaching professionals by bringing experts to lecture about the latest research,…

July 24 2011

Parsasite Council Hits the Road, Stopping at Wrigley Field

The Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC)) is hitting the road to zap one parasite at a time; watch them come to your community to chase fleas down the street, tackle ticks and round up roundworms. The idea is to come to where pet owners are, to communicate parasite prevention to pet owners. CAPC members include…

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