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Articles: COVID-19

May 21 2020

Dog Walkers, Pet Sitters and COVID-19

Q: I am a dog walker/pet sitter/private good manners trainer. When people go back to work…is it safe to go into client’s homes to take care of their pets while they are at work. Do I need to require the owners to do anything to keep me safe?  L. K., Chicago, IL. A: That’s a great…

May 18 2020

Worrying About Pets and COVID-19: The Real Shelter Issues

When I report about cats or dogs being testing positive for COVID-19, I receive hate mail or postings in social media indicating I am scaring people and encouraging them to give up their animals. And now, here I go again, reporting on a dog in the Netherlands  infected with the novel coronavirus, and that dog…

May 13 2020

Transmission of SARS CoV-2 Among Cats, New England Journal of Medicine

A paper published May 13 in the New England Journal of Medicine, called “Transmission of SARS CoV-2 in Domestic Cats” reveals that cat to cat community spread of COVID-19 is possible – at least it was in their limited study. I’ve reported each time there’s been a known human-to-feline transmission of s COVID-19. It’s been…

May 12 2020

Treatment for COVID-19: Investigating Llamas and Pangolin

Desperate to seek a treatment for COVID-19, researchers are now studying a llamas and a species which few have even heard of, called pangolin. The pangolin is an anteater like mammal that’s covered with scales, which all species are highly endangered because they are so often illegally trafficked to wet markets where their scales are…

May 10 2020

The Pandemic Could Have Been Avoided: Blame Wet Markets

I am saddened by the division happening in America. Historically, after national (or international) tragedies, our leadership and our collected patriotism typically brings us together, as political affiliation in these times becomes irrelevant. To be sure, there’s been some of that. However, there are millions of Americans who actually believe the novel corona virus is…

May 9 2020

Post COVID Canine Separation Anxiety

For so many dogs, sheltering in place at our homes is a dream come true. But what’s next? Here’s the segment I did for Good Morning America on increased separation anxiety. I suggest this separation distress will occur most likely among the three following populations of dogs in particular: Dogs who previously suffered mild to more severe…

May 7 2020

COVID-19 and Wildlife

Q: “Since some lions and tigers at the Bronx Zoo were diagnosed with COVID-19, what about lions, tiger or other wildlife. Are endangered species at risk?”  S. B, Long Island, NY A: Your question isn’t completely outrageous. While we know it’s possible that big cats can get the novel corona virus SARS CoV-2 and suffer…

May 3 2020

Preventing Dog Bites and Parasites on WGN Radio

Immediate past President of the American Veterinary Medical Association Dr. John de Jong offers an update on what we know about COVID-19 and our pets (and what we don’t know) on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio. Listen HERE  Mostly, though, we chat about dog bite prevention. Dr. John de Jong explains why most dog…

May 1 2020

Dog vs Cat Obstacle Challenge

Bored at home, people have come up with the obstacle challenge, which they post to YouTube. You try it too,  demonstrating the differences between how dogs and cats navigate. Set up random obstacles in a narrow hallway and watch who does better at coming to you while knocking over the fewest obstacles – the dog…

May 1 2020

Dogs Should NOT Wear Masks to Protect Against COVID-19

Q: “My state just made it mandatory to wear a mask. I saw where I can get a mask for dogs online, should I do that? I also heard about the dog in North Carolina that tested positive (for COVID-19), and don’t want my dog to get sick. And I have a Pug as well.…

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