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August 25 2019

Bring Luna Home: Coyotes Confiscated and Killed

Shame on the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) and Cook County Animal Control for what they did inexplicably to Tomi Tranchita’s rescued coyotes, which she explains she had permits for. HEAR Tranchita describe it all, in her own words, on WGN Radio. She bottle-fed and saved four orphaned coyotes. Now, what? Yes, she saved…

May 31 2019

Coyote, Not So Ugly

I suggest the coyote threat is not a real threat for responsible pet owners. And now, throughout much of the country it’s denning season for coyotes. Mothers are protective of their pups and eager to find food so they may out and visible more often. Also, there’s an increase in numbers of coyotes in many urban…

February 20 2017

What Happened to Most Humane State Status?

What’s wrong with Illinois? Once the state that won awards for animal protection and for being the most humane state, no longer. I suppose, It’s one thing to get up before dawn, and to go out hunting for water fowl or deer. To stalk the quarry, and if you are lucky to shoot and kill.…

March 24 2016

Coyote Threat: Real or Not

I suggest the coyote threat is not a real threat for responsible pet owners. I realize that it made news in Ohio when Canton, MI police say a coyote attacked and killed a man’s Bichon Frise dog at about 5 a.m. Friday, March 18.  He let his two dogs into the backyard where the attack…

February 1 2016

Coyote Ugly

Q: A coyote attacked and killed a dog in our neighborhood. I am really very worried. What should I do? — L.M, San Diego A: If there are ever coyote sightings anywhere near you live, keep cats indoors (beneficial for cats anyway) and also don’t allow dogs in the yard without adult supervision. While humans…

August 17 2015

Coyote Invasion: What to Do

Do you really need to shoot or poison coyotes? I sure as **** hope not. If you don’t want a coyote near you….holler and wave, use a hose (if you have one), or carry a loud whistle, or simply bang a couple of garbage can lids together or pots together. You can also take some…

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