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Steve Dale reports on deer on train tracks

November 12 2018

Deer on Train Track in Chicago

I was in the first car on the Blue line train heading toward the airport. I was standing when the train came to a slow stop. That’s not unusual. But the announcement of a deer on train track was. The look on the deer’s face is something I will remember forever. It’s just so sad.…
Pet expert Steve Dale and veterinary parasitologist Dr. Michael Dryden on tick disease in the fall

September 7 2018

Tick Disease is Ecological Havoc

Tick disease remains rampant especially in dogs.  This is the time of year, when you might think as the weather begins to cool that the ticks begin to go away. Actually, fall is when Lyme disease is the most considerable threat for dogs, according to Dr. Michael Dryden, veterinary parasitologist and distinguished professor Kansas State…

July 18 2017

Dogs Saves Baby Deer

Did this dog know this baby deer was in distress? Apparently, because there is no other good explanation. What do you think? He had two dogs on the beach that day and only one showed interest. What’s with that? In any case, this has to bring you a smile.  

March 7 2016

Zika Virus and Dogs, And More Parasite Questions

These particularly timely questions about mosquito transmitted disease, and more, are answered by veterinary parasitologist Dr. Dwight Bowman, professor at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. Bowman is also on the Board of Directors of the Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC), which tracks parasite transmission to pets in the U.S. The mission of the CAPC is to…

January 18 2015

Unlikely Animal Friends

An orangutan and a dog as best pals makes perfect sense, but how about piglets and a tiger. Sometimes nature is hard to figure out….but adorable. (Thanks to Dennis Damon for the post)  

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