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August 13 2019

Why Algae Blooms are Killing Dogs, And Where It’s Happening

No one seems to know why there’s been a recent escalation toxicity to blue green algae causing untimely death in so many dogs. Media reports of deaths have occurred in several states, including California, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Illinois, Maine, Minnesota, North Carolina, Vermont and Wisconsin but since there is no Centers for Disease Control for…

June 3 2019

Mutt Jackson and Montrose Dog Beach on WGN Radio

Anti Cruelty Society of Chicago with several partners have taken in  167 dogs and cats from flood and weather savaged Tulsa, Oklahoma. Listen HERE on my WGN Radio Steve Dale’s Pet World show to Collette Bradley of Anti Cruelty talk about how you may help, especially if you consider adoption or know someone who might.…

June 13 2018

Mutt Jackson and Montrose Dog Beach

Paul Fehrenbacher aka Mutt Jackson says it’s just love….How dogs bring us together, on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio. Listen HERE as we talk about Montrose Dog Beach (MonDog), one of the largest and busiest dog beaches in America, and proper beach etiquette for canines and for people. Montrose Dog Beach is largest place there is…

October 15 2016

Best Dog Places, Including Best Dog Beach: Chicago Wins!

The votes are in.for the only election that really matters: The best dog beach in America, according to poll conducted by USA Today….and the winner is MonDog Dog Beach (Montrose Dog Beach) in Chicago! Here’s the complete top-10: 10) Jupiter Beach, Jupiter, FL 9) Double Bluff Beach, South Whidbey Island, WA 8) Cannon Beach, Cannon…

October 9 2016

Montrose Dog Beach Is the Best! Vote!

I will be at a fundraiser for Barb’s Precious Pets. Listen here as I speak with newsman Dave Schwany about that, and also about his longtime friendship with Noodles the Wonder Dog. Listen to the WGN Radio Steve Dale’s Pet World Podcast also talk about why you should cast your ballot in favor of Montrose Dog Beach. Indeed,…

October 3 2016

Montrose Dog Beach May Be Top Dog Beach

Chicago has the best darn dog beach, Montrose Dog Beach (also known as Mondog).  USA Today is holding a contest for the Best Dog Beach in America – VOTE Chicago!  Truly the beach is really large, about as large as the beach for the two-legged’s next door. It has lots of places where there are sand bars,…

July 21 2016

Tips for Dog Beach Safety & Etiquette

Tips for etiquette and safety for the dog beach near wherever you live…

July 15 2016

Pure Joy at Dog Beach

Pure unadulterated joy is what seller photographer Josh Feeney captures at MonDog Dog Beach at a July 14 fundraiser for Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control, presented by the folks at Vita Bone. [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”4″ gal_title=”Mondog Beach Party”]

July 9 2016

Good Stuff Food Truck Beach Party

It’s a beach party – with dogs, dog treats and free stuff from the Good Stuff Food Truck. What can be more fun? I suggest it is impossible to have more fun. The event Tuesday, at Mondog Dog Beach (Montrose Dog Beach) in Chicago, and it’s a benefit for Friends of Chicago Animal Care and…

June 16 2013

Dogs Hit Beach: Mondog's Season's Begun

Montrose Street Dog Beach, known as Mondog, has begun their season, though that is hard to believe. Thats because it’s been so darn cold outside, and the Lake Michigan water temperature reflects that. Here are some images from our first visit of the year….

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