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Articles: dog behavior

October 29 2020

Halloween Pet Costume Contest for Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control

This is fun, a virtual pet costume contest, benefiting Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control, sponsored by Law Offices of Marc J Shuman Assoc. There’s still time to show off your pets. Check out some entries for our #HalloweenPetCostume contest ending October 30th. Winner gets a free pet grooming and the law firm will…

October 23 2020

Easing Pets’ Anxieties on Halloween

Zombies and baby sharks may not appear at the front door as often this year, and for many pets that’s a blessing. While some pets are excited about those visits, others are hesitant – and some are even terrified. Here are some tips regarding Halloween and pets on Halloween: For starters, many pets become frightened…

October 18 2020

Petco Stops the Shock; Halloween Pet Safety; New Test for Kidney Disease in Cats

In the midst of a pandemic when competition for sales has never been higher, Petco stood up and stood out and declared they are no longer selling e-collars or shock collars. Listen HERE to my Steve Dale’s Pet World WGN Radio show, as I interview Fear Free Certified National Training Manager at Petco Darris Cooper.…

October 16 2020

Decoding Your Cat: Not Exactly in Your Cat’s Horoscope or Reading Tea Leaves

In the book Decoding Your Cat -now out – I wrote in the book’s Introduction, “Veterinary behaviorists are last responders. When no one else can assist, they swoop in and save the day.” Following a talk by a veterinary behaviorist, maybe 10 years ago now, at the Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas, I was…

October 6 2020

Petco Halts Selling or Supporting Use of Electronic Collars: #stoptheshock

Have been writing about how discouraged I am that some people who hold dog training classes, like Jeff Gellman, continue to thrive by using punishment and equipment like e-collars (electronic collars) in the name of humane dog training. It is not humane. In fact, we know that punishment based classes and e-collars most often cause…

October 5 2020

Training Methods DO Matter

I am not going to stand down. Dog training methods matter. Science has repeatedly demonstrates with published studies worldwide supporting positive reinforcement as the most effective way for dogs to learn. What’s more, it’s far more humane and motivating for our best friends with four legs. All dogs ever desire is to understand what we…

October 4 2020

Keeping an Abusive Dog Trainer Out of Chicago Area; Dealing with Dirty Dogs on WGN Radio

Rhode Island-based dog trainer Jeff Gellman was scheduled to host seminars at Bark Avenue Daycamp in Bartlett, IL. Oct 3-Oct.4. On my Sunday WGN Radio Steve Dale’s Pet World show you hear why so many professionals and anyone who ethically cares about dogs wanted to see Gellman turned away. Listen to my conversation here with…

October 1 2020

Steve Dale Fear Free Talk in 2018

Speaking about Fear Free back in 2018    

September 30 2020

Punishing A Dog For Separation Anxiety: Where Does That Get You?

Separation anxiety is an incredibly serious disorder and even life-ending if the human animal bond fractures or the landlord or condo association says, “that barking dog has to go.” We don’t know exactly what dogs with separation anxiety are thinking – of course – but do know they are obviously really anxious. Here is the…

September 24 2020

Breed Bans Make No Sense with Ledy Van Kavage of Best Friends

On my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show, Best Friends Animal Society Senior Legislative Attorney Ledy VanKavage and I totally agree, breed bans do not work!  That typically means banning breeds you look and call pit bulls. She says the point of the breed ban legislation was always to make communities safer, but now we…

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