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Articles: dog behavior

May 10 2020

Monique Feyrecilde Vet Stream Global Team: Join In

On the veterinary conference circuit veterinary technician Monique Feyrecilde, BA, LVT, VTS (Behavior) is one of the best educators out there. With three of her intrepid vet tech colleagues, they’ve organized a a virtual conference from scratch, Vet Stream Global Team. Watch HERE, as tonight Dr. Elizabeth Bales and myself talk with Feyrecilde about the…

May 9 2020

Post COVID Canine Separation Anxiety

For so many dogs, sheltering in place at our homes is a dream come true. But what’s next? Here’s the segment I did for Good Morning America on increased separation anxiety. I suggest this separation distress will occur most likely among the three following populations of dogs in particular: Dogs who previously suffered mild to more severe…

May 5 2020

Dr. Marty Becker On Fear Free, Healing Power of Pets in Times of Crisis and Human Animal Bond

Dr. Marty Becker is a unique figure in veterinary medicine – a supreme communicator and supporter of the Human Animal Bond, and the science associated with that bond. Dr. Becker will join Dr. Elizabeth Bales and myself in a Facebook conversation, which you can join HERE. It’s all free (a world both Dr Becker and…

May 4 2020

Readjusting a Dog’s Response to Masks

Q: “In my state, starting on May 1 masks are required when going to grocery stores, and preferred even out on walks. When things fully open up here, I am sure masks will be required in public places. Our dog, Daisy, barks whenever she sees anyone with a mask, even me. It’s like she doesn’t…

May 3 2020

Preventing Dog Bites and Parasites on WGN Radio

Immediate past President of the American Veterinary Medical Association Dr. John de Jong offers an update on what we know about COVID-19 and our pets (and what we don’t know) on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio. Listen HERE  Mostly, though, we chat about dog bite prevention. Dr. John de Jong explains why most dog…

May 1 2020

Dog vs Cat Obstacle Challenge

Bored at home, people have come up with the obstacle challenge, which they post to YouTube. You try it too,  demonstrating the differences between how dogs and cats navigate. Set up random obstacles in a narrow hallway and watch who does better at coming to you while knocking over the fewest obstacles – the dog…

May 1 2020

Dogs Should NOT Wear Masks to Protect Against COVID-19

Q: “My state just made it mandatory to wear a mask. I saw where I can get a mask for dogs online, should I do that? I also heard about the dog in North Carolina that tested positive (for COVID-19), and don’t want my dog to get sick. And I have a Pug as well.…

April 21 2020

COVID-19 and Separation Anxiety in Dogs

I’ll be talking about an expected rise in separation anxiety on April 21 and 23 at 11:00 am CDT: Dogs Love COVID-19: Stay at Home Orders and Separation Anxiety – Free webinar about how to identify separation anxiety, and offering details about what you can do now to get ahead of the problem. It’s the right thing…

April 17 2020

Dog Learning to Sniff for COVID-19

We know dogs can detect cancers and be trained to find explosives, and it’s nothing for dogs to even learn on their own to detect oncoming seizures among family members, so it’s no surprise that scientists in the UK are successfully training dogs to sniff out COVID-19. Charity Medical Detection Dogs, based in Milton Keynes, is working with the London…

April 6 2020

Sheltering in Place: A Recipe for Separation Anxiety? What You Can Do Now

Sheltering in place at our homes is a dream come true for dogs. But when people head back to the office, I suggest we’ll see a significant uptick in separation distress among the following populations of dogs in particular: Dogs who previously suffered mild to more severe anxiety when separated from their people, potentially even…

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