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December 9 2020

Christmas Gifts for Pets

Not taking the pandemic into account, last year, according to the American Pet Products Association, 42 percent of dog parents purchased at least one Christmas/Hannukah gift (so that’s nearly half the people with a dog) and 26 percent of cat parents do the same. Cats are still getting ripped off compared to dogs but millennials…

December 8 2020

Bulldog Appears to be Rooting for Carnivorous Dinosaurs

Khaleesi watches one of the classic scenes from Peter Jackson’s King Kong. Interestingly the Bulldog appears to be concerned about King Kong and instead supporting the dinosaurs who want to eat terrified Naomi Watts.

December 8 2020

Arthritis in Dogs is Surprisingly Common

Superstar certified veterinary technician Cara Burns says arthritis in dogs is far more common than most of us might know or think about.  It’s also the most common cause of chronic pain in dogs. Obviously geriatric dogs are more likely to suffer from arthritis, but it occurs far more often than you might think is…

December 7 2020

Quick Tip for Mild Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Separation anxiety in dogs is anecdotally being reported more often. No doubt our upside down and erratic pandemic schedules can play a role, and certainly it’s common for newly adopted dogs and separation anxiety is really a commonly reported behavior problem period. For dogs with mild to moderate separation anxiety, here’s a trick which may…

December 3 2020

Applauding New Rules for Animals In-Flight: Must be Service Dogs

I agree with the airline industry and U.S. Department of Transportation, animals designated as emotional support or comfort animals should no longer be allowed on airplanes, only legitimate service dogs. Having said that, the airlines – who are partially responsible for this issue in the first place – must offer alternatives for pet travel beyond…

December 2 2020

Pets and the Pandemic: A Survey

A recent study published in the journal Animals sought to identify the unique difficulties and/or advantages related to caring for pets during the COVID-19 pandemic. Data from this study indicates that strength of the owner’s attachment to their pet(s), as well as their economic resources, and the characteristics of their household are associated with the types…

November 28 2020

Oh Rats! They’re Everywhere and Spread Diseases Like Leptospirosis

Q: We don’t live all that far from Central Park in New York, and it appears there are more rats than ever – even during the day. I know about leptospirosis, and that dogs can walk in a puddle and lick paws, so I wipe their paws with soapy water when we go back into…

November 23 2020

Thanksgiving Day Safety for Pets

Dumpster diving and counter surfing is dangerous sport for dogs – turkey and chicken bones can be a choking hazard. These bones can easily splinter causing a potentially life-threatening emergency. Even this year when so many people may not be visiting your home, pets can still get into the trash or succeed in begging from…

November 20 2020

House Training and the Right Product

Q: We rescued an adult dog almost three weeks ago. She had a few accidents during the nighttime routine of putting my son to bed. I think because she was anxious and the her crate was too small. I would clean the area with water and pet enzymes spray but yet she has urinated there.…

November 19 2020

Bulldog Calls a Friend

The jaws of a hyena disturbing? Well, just call a friend. That’s what this Bulldog does. The serious question here is what does this dog perceive watching TV?

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