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Broadcasting from WGN; Gov. Quinn Signs Dog Education Bill

This is a behind-the-scenes look of my part of this particular WGN Radio broadcast of Steve Dale’s Pet World, on August 24. For starters, the show was broadcast live from Wrigley Field as a part of a day-long event, the Wood Family Foundation Celebrity Wiffle for a Diffle (wiffle baseball at Wrigley Field to support kids in need).…

Gov. Quinn Signs Bill to Mandate Police Training: Steve Dale's Pet World

Steve Dale’s Pet World, August 24 radio show will be broadcast from Wrigley Field, starting at 1 p.m. CDT,  as a part of several WGN Radio broadcasts of the Wood Family Foundation celebrity Wiffle for a Diffle (wiffle baseball at Wrigley for charity). Listen at 720 AM or here. At 1:45 Illinois Governor Pat Quinn…

Sniffing Dog Pee; Cat Heart Disease; Biting Kitty; lst Dog Book: Reader Questions Answered

Q: I must thank you for your informative radio show and your Facebook page. You mentioned once on the radio the information dogs gather from smelling pee. I’m wondering what that is! — J.N., via Cyberspace A: No one knows for sure what dogs can learn by sniffing one another’s urine because none of us…

Veterinary Behavior Symposium, Litter Boxes to PTSD Dogs

CHICAGO, IL — Do cats truly prefer covered litter boxes? Can military working dogs suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder syndrome, similar to people, and if so, are some dogs more at risk than others? Can wearing a tight-fighting garment (called a Thundershirt) alleviate stress in cats as it might in dogs? These are among the…

Veterinary Behaviorists Announce their Book, Decoding Your Dog

Pet behavior questions are  by far the most often asked on radio, on TV or in print. Truth is that it’s possible that more pets die due to poor behavior than all the cancers, heart and kidney diseases combined. That is because perceived poor behavior is a primary explanation for animals being given up to…

What's Your Dog Really Saying? McConnell Speaks

“Because we’ve lived with dogs for thousands of years, and because we think we understand dogs doesn’t mean we really do understand dogs,” begins certified applied animal behaviorist Patricia McConnell in her talk to a mixed house of both the general public and canine professionals at a fund raiser July 11 at the Anti Cruelty…

2,000 Pet Blog Posts from Steve Dale

2,000 Steve Dale’s Pet World blog posts is a lot in 30 months. By my count that’s about 66 1/2 posts each month, averaging over two posts daily. And I’ve only just begun!  What’s most important, are you – my readers….thousands and thousands see posts each month. I’ve received 3,141 comments. Most are worthy, a…

McConnell Talks Dog Behavior

Dr. Patricia McConnell appeared on July 11 at the Anti Cruelty Society. She spoke about communication gaps between people and their canine best friends. After we hug. We’re primates. Dogs can bite one another in play, but people rarely play that way (and if they do – they may be arrested). She spoke in detail…

Dominant German Shepherd Dog?

Q: Our German Shepherd will sit next to my husband while he eats or watches TV, with his ears back, snarling and whining. Why? She never does this with me. Does she want more attention, or is she trying to dominate him? — C.B., Cyberspace A: It’s very possible your dog is seeking attention. However,…

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