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Beverly Hills Dog Show, Staffordshire Bull Terrier

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is the first breed featured among many that will be highlighted over the next week. I recently enjoyed a sneak preview of the Beverly Hills Dog Show presented by Purina, and I’ll feature lots of breeds over the next few days leading up to the Easter Sunday show. I wanted to…

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Irish Dog Breeds

For a nation that’s just under 33,000 square miles, Ireland has more than their wee bit of dog breeds, Just to compare, Ireland is slightly smaller than the state of Maine. Here’s a rundown of the dog breeds that originated in Ireland. Glenn of Imaal Terrier Hailing from the County Wicklow in Ireland, the Glenn of…

Breed to Breathe

Around 10 years ago, primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall asked me to help discourage people from buying Valentine’s Day or birthday cards will silly looking chimpanzees. Similarly, the British Veterinary Association (BVA) has now asked greeting card manufacturers to stop showing images of flat-faced pets with appealing large eyes due to concerns about their welfare. There’s…

Dogs Rescued from Hoarder and Puppy Miller in One on WGN Radio

“Mr. Newsman” Dave Schwaney and I begin my show, Steve Dale’s Pet World with his Schwaney song, as always. From there, listen HERE, as I talk to him about why I was recently in New York City, including introducing a movie at the famed Lincoln Center in New York City. The movie is a short…

Michael Vick on Fox Sports

Dogfighting is a felony, and most Americans agree that’s the way it should be. Michael Vick, however, did not feel that way, and repeatedly denied his involvement in his own dog fighting ring, until he had no choice. The former National Football League star, who served 18 months in prison, was recently hired by Fox…

Pit Bull: Battle Over An American Icon

Bronwen Dickey talks on my national radio show Steve Dale Dale’s Pet World about her book Pit Bull: The Battle Over an American Icon.  First of all, what is a “pit bull”? Listen HERE as Dickey says that today we know that most dogs identified at “pits” only have a certain look to them. Genetically they…

Overweight Labradors: It May Not be Their Fault

Is obesity in dogs really genetic? According to research of scientists at Cambridge University, Labrador Retriever obesity may be a result of genetic “greediness.” Are you greedy? The research may also contribute to explain human obesity. The Labrador retriever, known as one of the greediest breeds of dog, is hard-wired to overeat, research suggests. The…

The Champions Demonstrates the Goodness of Dogs

What would for NFL quarterback Michael Vick say about this movie? “They are more forgiving of our species than we could ever be of there’s.” The Champions is an award-winning documentary that follows the story of the dogs confiscated from Bad Newz Kennels owned by Michael Vick. Face the Facts: The is no mistaking that Vick not…

Golden Retriever Lifetime Health Study

Morris Animal Foundation Canine Lifetime Health Project is arguably the first study of it’s kind in animal health. Sadly, Golden Retrievers – an All-American wonderfully endearing dog breed – has more than their share of health issues, which we need to better understand, including certain types of cancer which seems to be killing Golden’s at…

Maine May Limit Pet Store Sales, Veterinary Professionals Support Abolishing Puppy Mills

Bans on pet stores selling animals from commercial breeders and puppy mills are sweeping the country. Over 70 communities in the U.S. and Canada are on board, but now an entire state may join the act. Maine Rep. Kimberly Monaghan,( D-Cape Elizabeth) says her bill – “An Act To Prohibit the Sale of Dogs and Cats…

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