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January 2 2020

Wayne Pacelle Speaks Out: Should Vick Be the Captain or Not?

I’ve been writing about and talking about how in my personal estimation Michael Vick should not be representing the National Football League as an honorary captain in the Pro Bowl game January 27 in Orlando, FL.   I never knew Vick but Wayne Pacelle sure did. Listen HERE, as I speak with Pacelle on WGN Radio…

December 12 2019

Refuting Story: Michael Vick Deserves Our Forgiveness

Several Facebook friends and “fans” have suggested that I reply to Chicago Tribune writer Steve Chapman’s story, Michael Vick deserves our forgiveness. He begins the piece noting Vick’s personal involvement in the strangling and beating of dogs, and drowning them. Chapman (and others in social media) seem to suggest that losing millions in endorsements and…

December 11 2019

Suggesting Michael Vick Deserves Pro Bowl Status

Following a viral post I authored supporting the notion at former NFL quarterback and convicted felon Michael Vick doesn’t merit being the ceremonial National Football League Pro Bowl Captain, I did receive some push back. Being that my social media is followed and liked greatly by animal lovers, it’s no surprise that overwhelmingly most people…

December 10 2019

Michael Vick Doesn’t Deserve to be on an NFL Pedestal

Michael Vick is no hero. Social media can illustrate how American’s feel about any topic, at least where our emotional temperature is at. In November, the National Football League announced that Michael Vick would represent the NFL as a Pro Bowl team as captain at the January game. A petition was instantly created, and…

December 2 2019

Michael Vick as Pro Bowl Captain?

Should Michael Vick be named as a National Football League (NFL) Pro Bowl captain? There are two relevant questions. First, on the field, football pundits suggest his career hasn’t been consistently stellar for a length of time. Which brings me to the second and far more important question, his career was interrupted by a jail…

February 2 2018

Wayne Pacelle Resigns Under Pressure from HSUS

It was 2004 or 2005, and I walked into the room where a towering figure was speaking with passion and compassion for animals. I was invited to a private donor’s home to hear the new CEO of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), Wayne Pacelle. He was a cross between animal advocate broadcaster…

September 4 2017

Michael Vick on Fox Sports

Dogfighting is a felony, and most Americans agree that’s the way it should be. Michael Vick, however, did not feel that way, and repeatedly denied his involvement in his own dog fighting ring, until he had no choice. The former National Football League star, who served 18 months in prison, was recently hired by Fox…

August 1 2017

Pit Bull: Battle Over An American Icon

Bronwen Dickey talks on my national radio show Steve Dale Dale’s Pet World about her book Pit Bull: The Battle Over an American Icon.  First of all, what is a “pit bull”? Listen HERE as Dickey says that today we know that most dogs identified at “pits” only have a certain look to them. Genetically they…

March 4 2017

Are Pit Bulls Deadly Weapons?

“Are Pit Bulls Man’s Best Friend Or Deadly Weapons?” is the name of an opinion piece in the Chicago Sun Times. My quandary: Do I write about this story, and give it more attention, or counter? In this case, I choose to counter. The author, Gene Lyons, writes about his two dogs: a Great Pyrenees…

January 26 2017

Humane Mexico Bans Dogfighting, Supports Animal Welfare

They may be right south of border about more than the infamous wall.  And the Mexican people want to do the right thing. The Mexican Senate has passed a dog-fighting bill that will prohibit the organization and staging of dog fighting events at the national level, and  now legislatively assure all dogs are treated with…

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