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December 18 2017

Christmas Safety for Pets

Here are 12 safety tips to ensure your pets enjoy a healthy and safe holiday season: #12: Howliday Stress — Holiday time is frenetic. You’re behind in your holiday shopping, there are parties to attend, you have out-of-town guests, and the boss expects you to finish a project before Christmas. You’re totally stressed out, and…

December 20 2016

8 Holiday Pet Safety Tips

Here are eight tips of safety for pets to keep safe on Christmas Day: Leaving out Christmas cookies for Santa is something St. Nick’s waistline sure doesn’t need, and your pets certainly don’t either. Chocolate (particularly dark chocolate), of course, is dangerous to pets. Even sugar-free cookies or brownies can be a problem for pets…

July 29 2016

Presidential Race Dog (and Cat) Toys

I’m not taking political sides but our pets apparently might: Poop bags with Clinton or Trump depicted may considered disrespectful or right on, depending on your point of view.  A dispenser and four rolls is $14.95 from Poo Puppets. Mirage Pet Products offers Hillary or Donald dog cookies. My personal favorites, are the Clinton, Trump…

November 28 2014

Black Friday Gifts for Pets

More than ever before, that Christmas gift under the tree or Hanukah present might be for barking, purring or even squawking family members. Just over half all of all dogs, and nearly 40 percent of pet cats receive a holiday gift, according to American Pet Product’s Association 2013-2014 National Pet Owners Survey. Birds even get…

March 18 2014

Global Pet Expo

Global Pet Expo, largest pet trade show, March 12-14, Orange County Convention Center Orlando, FL featuring about 1,000 exhibitors, about 3,000 booths and as many new products. The American Pet Products Association show attacked dozens of journalists who blog and broadcast about pets as well as several celebrities including baseball and animal welfare legend Tony LaRussa and…

December 18 2013

Pet Books, Holiday Gift Giving ideas

From giant coffee table books to perfect little stocking stuffers, here are 11 choices for holiday pet book gift-giving this year: Steve Dale PetWorld, LLC; Tribune Content Agency, LLC  

December 11 2013

Pet Gifts for Holidays

Increasingly, pets get holiday gifts, not only from their immediate families but also from friends and relatives. When attending a party, in addition to the traditional hostess gift, guests often tote a present for the resident pet(s). Here are a few ideas for pets for the Howlidays: (© Tribune Content Agency, LLC; Steve Dale PetWorld,…

September 18 2013

What About Dogs Who Inhale their Food? Miss Meowsky Answers

Q: My dog just scarfs down her food. I Googled the problem and found your answer from a column a few years back. You suggested putting golf balls in the food bowl to slow down a dog who eats too fast. I tried it. Molly meticulously removed the balls, then inhaled the food! I also…

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