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January 29 2021

Stop Any Inhumane TV Dog Trainer

With all the vitrial and anger happening in our country, the last thing we need is a Canine Intervention program which takes it out on dogs. But that’s what Netflix is apparently set to launch with a reality TV show starring Oakland, CA-based dog trainer Jas Leverette called Canine Intervention, featuring his self-noted advanced leadership system.…

January 25 2021

COVID-19 Sniffing Dogs Work Security for Miami Heat

The security detail allowing you to see a Miami Heat National Basketball Association game will be coronavirus-sniffing dogs. Fans will have to be sniffed by the trained dogs before entering American Airlines Arena in Miami. Starting later this week, a limited number of ticket holders will be in the seats as well, provided they get…

January 4 2021

Punching A Dog is NOT Training, It’s Animal Abuse

Punching a dog repeatedly to establish dominance is animal abuse, period. That’s true, even if a police dog handler is training a police dog as much as it is true for anyone training a pet dog. In Vacaville, CA (midway between San Francisco and Sacramento) this police officer was caught on video “correcting” his dog.…

December 30 2020

10 Resolutions for Pets for 2021

Here are my 10 resolutions for pets for 2021 Fear Free: The Fear Free initiative has grown from the little idea that was so brilliant – yet obvious – that it continues to spread across the planet. The notion began with a focus on veterinary professionals addressing emotional well-being, as well as physical health. Our…

December 27 2020

Why Positive Reinforcement Dog Training? Clinical Trial for Stomatitis in Cats

2020 was a good for year dog training because Petco made a huge statement by cold turkey stopping the sales of shock or e-collars. And Karen Pryor Certified faculty member and dog trainer Laura Monaco Torelli of Animal Behavior Training Concepts explains HERE on my WGN Radio Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show that she…

December 13 2020

Forget the Shock Collars All Together

At this point I’ve now received several TV viewers expressing concern about a segment that aired on WBBM-TV, Chicago. Ed Curran, longtime meteorologist, I KNOW, cares about animals because I’ve known Ed for several decades and respect him enormously as a broadcaster. In this segment Curran talks about how the trainer is working with his…

December 3 2020

Applauding New Rules for Animals In-Flight: Must be Service Dogs

I agree with the airline industry and U.S. Department of Transportation, animals designated as emotional support or comfort animals should no longer be allowed on airplanes, only legitimate service dogs. Having said that, the airlines – who are partially responsible for this issue in the first place – must offer alternatives for pet travel beyond…

November 15 2020

Dog Training for Dog Power Dogs; Diabetes in Cats on WGN Radio

Timing is everything, as a group of dog trainers, veterinary behaviorists and myself managed to turn away so-called dog trainer Jeff Gelman from a training facility in Bartlett, just outside Chicago. Gelman found another venue and snuck into town to teach techniques which by viewing his own videos it’s clear that Rhode Island-based dog trainer is…

November 12 2020

Petco Bans Shock Collars: Believes in Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

Petco National Training Manager Darris Cooper talks on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show about why the the national chain pet store banned e-collars. It’s a brave financial choice during the pandemic. There’s no doubt about it – and we chat about why banning e-collars collars (shock collars) is both humane, and actually…

October 23 2020

Penn Vet Dogs Find Spotted Lanternfly Eggs

They’re pretty but they are also an introduced species, called spotted lanternflies. The insects are native to China, India and Vietnam were accidentally introduced into the U.S. about six years ago, and today they’re thriving in Pennsylvania, wreaking havoc on the environment. Dr. Cynthia Otto at the Penn Vet Working Dog Center, University of Pennsylvania…

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