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Humane Mexico Bans Dogfighting, Supports Animal Welfare

They may be right south of border about more than the infamous wall.  And the Mexican people want to do the right thing. The Mexican Senate has passed a dog-fighting bill that will prohibit the organization and staging of dog fighting events at the national level, and  now legislatively assure all dogs are treated with…

Best Friends Animal Society Saved the Dogs, The Champions is their Story

Francis Battista, co-founder Best Friends Animal Society,  talks about the award-winning documentary The Champions. Battista talks HERE on my WGN Radio show, Steve Dale’s Pet World, about this movie opening around the country. In Chicago, the feature will be screened on March 3 at 7 p.m. at the AMC River East 21 (322 E. Illinois…

Safe Communities for People and Pets, Safe Humane Chicago

Safe Humane Chicago is a concept that should and ultimately will likely be replicated elsewhere in America. The mission is to create safer communities by encouraging positive relationships between people and animals. Listen HERE as Safe Humane co-founder Cynthia Bathurst joins me on Steve Dale’s Pet World to describe the amazing good this program does,…

Highlights of Twenty Years of Pet Writing

Summing up twenty years isn’t easy, as I begin my third decade of writing my Tribune Content Agency newspaper column I have a wealth of memories to recall. I was the first journalist to speak with a search and rescue dog handler at the World Trade Center, within 48 hours after September 11, 2001.  Driving…

Safe Humane Chicago Reaching Out for Support

Safe Humane Chicago does exactly what the name says, this non-profit helps to encourage humane education. Your support can help to place animals out of Chicago Animal Care & Control and into foster homes, or forever homes….watch over court case dogs who otherwise don’t have a voice and support animal welfare education in neighborhoods where…

Breed Specific Legislation Position Statement: BSL is Ineffective

At the Animal Behavior Symposium on July 25, the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB) announced a new position statement on breed-specific legislation (BSL). This is when communities, ironically including Denver, where the Symposium was held, ban specific dog breeds. Pit bull-type dogs are always at the top of the list – sometimes the…

Pit Bulls, the All-American Dog

Pits Bulls are the All-American dog – at least dogs we call them Pits. Of course, in reality, these are mostly dogs of a certain phenotype or a certain ‘look.’ In fact, take any five Golden Retrievers or West Highland White Terriers, and genetically they have much in common – aside from being dogs, moreover…

Michael Vick Takes Dog Training Classes

Michael Vick taking dog training classes? What do I make of that? I’m honestly not sure. But, according to a report in USA Today, it’s true.  Vick admitted in October that his family owned a dog, something that he was legally allowed to do after his probation expired last summer. “I understand the strong emotions by…

Chicago Police Superintendent Defends Dog Shooting Cop

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy commented on the police officer shooting of a puppy. Based on witness accounts, the police should be apologizing for the grief they cause this family and the suffering they’ve caused to a puppy named Colonel Phillips (who by the way was back in the hospital, after undergoing several hours of…

Toronto Rejects Pit Bulls; Welcome Mark Buehrle – Not Your Dog

Mark Buehrle should have stayed in Chicago. Rarely does a major league baseball player get traded to a city where his family isn’t welcomed. After being swapped from Miami to Toronto on November 13  – it’s now happened twice, where the left-handed pitcher can move, but his entire family isn’t allowed to. Last off-season Buehrle…

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