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December 6 2012

Chicago Police Superintendent Defends Dog Shooting Cop

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy commented on the police officer shooting of a puppy. Based on witness accounts, the police should be apologizing for the grief they cause this family and the suffering they’ve caused to a puppy named Colonel Phillips (who by the way was back in the hospital, after undergoing several hours of…

November 15 2012

Toronto Rejects Pit Bulls; Welcome Mark Buehrle – Not Your Dog

Mark Buehrle should have stayed in Chicago. Rarely does a major league baseball player get traded to a city where his family isn’t welcomed. After being swapped from Miami to Toronto on November 13  – it’s now happened twice, where the left-handed pitcher can move, but his entire family isn’t allowed to. Last off-season Buehrle…

July 12 2012

Supporting Dog Trainer Sanzone Helping Veterans, Is It a Mistake?

I’m sad, personally hurt that after nearly two decades of enthusiastically and single-mindedly supporting what’s been now coined “positive training techniques” and not being afraid to speak out about aversive and I believe archaic techniques – that according to some – overnight I’ve transformed. There are many examples just Google. What isn’t ‘Googleable’ is how…

June 26 2012

History Of The Pit Bull, Filmmaker Kenn Bell

This is blog post number 1,500…. 2 years, 8 months as a blogger. That’s about 47 posts a month. One of my first blogs ever was on breed specific bans, which I am staunchly against. So, it is appropriate to highlight this movie by my new favorite filmmaker Kenn Bell, “The Pit Proud: The…

June 7 2012

WGN Radio Petcast: Dog Trainer to Help Veterans; Cat Daddy Jackson Galaxy

Click HERE to listen to WGN Radio Petcast Dog and Cat Training Special – with Chicago dog trainer Toriano Sanzone and Jackson Galaxy from Animal Planet’s, “Your Cat From Hell.” Toriano Sanzone is celebrating United States veterans, and training dogs for veterans as a public service – all culminating in an event 14 days, 14…

April 17 2012

Man Who's Dog Is Responsible for Killing the Pomeranian is Discovered

Thank you for reading and sharing my blog, and several tips – one finally helped to identify the man who’s dog allegedly attacked and killed a Pomeranian on St. Patrick’s Day at Montrose Dog Beach (Mondog).  Of course, I passed each of those tips on the Chicago Police Department. One tip was emailed from Mr.…

April 14 2012

Still Searching for Owner of Dog Who Killed A Pomeranian

His picture has appeared in the media – still no absolute identification. Reportedly, the man pictured here took his pit bull-type dog to Montrose Dog Beach (Mondog) on St. Patrick’s Day. And his dog attacked and killed a Pomeranian, while several witnesses watched, including the dog’s owner Audrey Fisher and her 12-year old daughter. The…

January 11 2012

WGN Radio Petcast: Will Chicago Go for Breed Ban; Court Reunites Pit Bull Service Dog

Listen HERE to this very special WGN Radio Petcast (may take a moment to load) On Monday January 2, Joseph Finley was jogging along the south shore lakefront when from nowhere two Pit Bulls and attacked and mauled him. At least dogs were called Pit Bulls, but who knows really? The response by some has…

December 28 2011

Pit Bull Mix or Not, Judge Orders Service Dog Returned to Jim Sak

I have no clue what the issues are in Aurelia, Iowa, a town of about 1,100 people. I am confident that the town  wasted time and money which could have been better spent, maybe on improving services for children, helping citizens in need or enhancing their new community center – instead they spent resources taking…

August 18 2011

Dogfighting App Is No Game

By Steve Dale I’m a journalist and, of course, I believe in free speech. However, certain lines are drawn all the time. For example, I don’t know of a video game or telephone app that teaches players how to abuse children. However, there’s now what I believe to be a comparable app through which participants…

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