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August 13 2011

Dog Fighting App Returns, Please Bark Back to the Android Marketplace

Dog fighting is a felony in all states, and for good reason. Once again the Android market and Google have offered the opportunity for people to virtually practice fighting dogs.  How can exposing children to the horrific and gratuitous violence of fighting dogs be a good thing? This is not just another video game. According…

August 8 2011

Spanish Study Confirms Breed Bans Don't Work

When I’ve testified in opposition to breed specific bans (always involving a community or even an entire state seeking to ban Pit Bull-type dogs and sometimes Rottweilers and other breeds), I rattle off all sorts of facts – then I add, “There’s no data to support breed bans work to decrease dog bites, or dog…

July 29 2011

Jean Donaldson on Breed Specific Bans

Jean Donaldson – author of “Oh Behave” and “The Culture Clash: A Revolutionary New Way to Understanding the Relationship Between Humans and Domestic Dogs” is simply brilliant. She is far more than a trainer who trains the trainers. In this video (recorded a few years ago), she talks about the ineffectiveness of breed bans. I…

June 5 2011

Pit Bull Fact and Fiction

Pit Bulls today really do get a bad rap. A recent story told the truth. Historically, Pit Bulls have always been terrific family dogs. It’s true, from Poodles to Pomeranians – all dogs are loyal, and love their families…Somehow, some way that devotion ranks even higher among Pit Bulls. In fact, they were chosen…

May 3 2011

Another Dog Fighting App, Something Must Be Done

I recently wrote about Dog Wars, an Android (owned by Google) app “game” which taught those who downloaded about dog fighting, celebrating dog fighting – which in truth is a felony. That Dog Wars App is now gone – However, the same company, Kage Games, LLC, has launched a new “game” called KC Dogfighting. There’s…

April 25 2011

There's a Dog War Going On

Facebook pages have been set up to petition against this application Dog fighting isn’t a game, and it’s not a sport – it’s a felony, and a crime of horrific nearly unspeakable violence. I have so many issues with the app – one is the way which dogs are abused in the game, and another…

April 23 2011

There IS an App for Everythng, Even for Dog Fighting

I know virtual gun fighting is legal, and if a virtual person dies – it’s no big deal. I’m not sure if that is right or not, or if some video games are too violent. No matter, I shouldn’t be surprised about the availability of virtual dog fighting.  I also know there’s an app for…

April 11 2011

Dogs Rescued from House of Horrors in Philadelphia Dog Fighting Bust

Bad news – Post Michael Vick (including all his community chats with Wayne Pacelle at HSUS), the impact has been a RISE in dog fighting in the City of Brotherly Love. Dogs rescued from “House of Horrors” in dog fighting bust Good news – After months of investigation, the Pennsylvania SPCA and Philadelphia police may…

April 3 2011

Pick of the Litter: Oogy The Dog Only a Family Could Love

Oogy Steve Dale’s Pet World Pick of the Litter: Hear an interview with Larry Levin, author of “Oogy: The Dog Only a Family Could Love.” I think any family would love Oogy. Oogy and Levin family Oogy – like many “Pit Bulls” – has been the victim his entire life. As a bait dog, his…

March 5 2011

WGN Radio Petcast: Breed Ban in Illinois Could Be Overturned, Vick Dog Adopter Tries to Talk with Vick

My WGN Radio PETCAST: Listen HERE It was at WGN radio several years ago, that I worked with lots of folks to support an Illinois law which prevents breed bans. After some recent “incidents” with Pit Bulls downstate, Illinois Representative John Bradley (117tth district) has proposed that the Illinois law prohibiting breed bans should be…

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