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December 19 2010

HSUS Says Vick Is Almost Ready to Have a Dog

So, should Michael Vick get a get dog? Vick said in an interview he thinks getting a dog would help in his rehabilitation. Wayne Pacelle and Michael Vick Wayne Pacelle, president CEO of the Humane Society of the United States has taken Vick under the HSUS wing, traveling to communities to talk about dog fighting.…

December 16 2010

Should I Hop on the Vick Forgiveness Wagon?

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is all over himself praising Michael Vick….Maybe that can be explained….because the Philadelphia Eagles, the team Vick is quarterback for, is doing so well, and Vick is having such a terrific year (all of that means $$$$ for the NFL). Michael Vick If you’re cynical, you may suggest Goodell has good…

December 15 2010

Michael Vick Wants a Dog, No Kidding

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick told NBC and the, he wants a dog. In the interview, it’s noted how often Vick speaks to young people to warn them about dog fighting. The reporter suggested Vick was actually mandated by the court to make these community appearances, which Vick surprisingly denies. Also, community service is…

December 4 2010

Veterinarian Accused of Concealing Dogfighting

A Park Forest veterinarian who in the past has being accused of gross negligence and wrong doing, has been criminally charged for allegedly failing to report dog fighting, according to the Chicago Breaking News Center. Dr. Gary Friederich, 64, owner of the Park Forest Animal Clinic, was arrested at his Palos Park home Thursday (December…

November 27 2010

It's Not Why Pit Bulls Attack, It's Why Any Dog May Attack

I listed several common and generally believed myths about Pit Bulls in a previous blog post. This dog attack story is not atypical, this is the story of a Pit Bulll who bit two people on Saturday, November 20 in Spartanburg, NC and then latched on to a man’s arm. And local animal care and…

November 21 2010

Pit Bull Myths

From the American Humane Association, here is a list of common myths about Pit Bulls,all referenced and backed with science. Click the gallery to read through FACT and FICTION about Pit Bulls. I posed this, in great part, because of a noon news segment on WGN TV which had it wrong.

November 20 2010

Don't Bully My Breed

Pit Bulls have a bad rap, here’s an example of why. And this time, it’s the ‘pet expert’s’ fault. TV Anchor Allison Payne is just like most people, bombarded with fallacies. Most anchors don’t bother, but to her credit she did some homework, and Allison was apparently misinformed by a trusted source. I do not…

October 18 2010

Round III Another Facebook Fan Page Supporting Dog Fighting, Tear Down that Page

I am nothing, if not persistent….Yet another fan page supporting of the legalization of dog fighting has gone up on Facebook. Please do NOT check that you ‘like’ this post. Scroll down the bottom left where it says “REPORT PAGE.” And do that. And DO please cross post, and have your friends do the same. …

October 14 2010

Stop Facebook Page To Legalize Dog Fighting

Now this is downright sick. There’s always a concern about giving publicity; it can be like throwing more fuel to the fire….but a Facebook Fan Page to Legalize Dog fighting is going too far. This is a real face of what dog fighting looks like. Of course, it’s illegal. Of course, it’s a felony. Here’s…

September 29 2010

Adopt-A-Dog Month Kicks Off In Chicago with Governor Pat Quinn

American Humane Association’s Adopt-A-Dog month kicks off with an event at the Anti Cruelty Society with dog loving Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, and you are invited! Breed bans, always potentially lurking….but not with Gov. Quinn in office. The event is at noon (’till around 1 p.m.) Sunday, October 3 at the Anti Cruelty Society (LaSalle…

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