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September 29 2010

Great Blog Post On Pit Bulls

In her blog, an Insider’s Guide to Urban Life, Mary Margaret McSweene writes that she is attacked each morning by a dog. Her dog Jake, a Pit Bull mix, attacks her with kisses. It’s what many devoted dogs do, whether they are Labrador’s or Pit Bulls. To a great extent, I owe Michael Vick a…

September 16 2010

Mandatory Spay/Neuter FAILS in California – Here's the Proof

Mandatory spay/neuter has failed in California. A small percent of animal rights proponents attempted very hard to push through MSN in Chicago. Given this data, I am more glad today than ever that they failed. Their primary arguments – Mandatory spay/neuter could mean more people letting their pets go, or bringing them into shelters. In…

July 29 2010

Does Trouble Follow Michael Vick, Or….

Does trouble follow Philadelphia Eagles QB, and convicted dogfighter Michael Vick, or does he follow trouble? This happened at the end of June – and I am only blogging about it now, because really there were so few news reports. Maybe you heard about it – I didn’t. A man was shot outside a Virginia…

July 29 2010

Pets for Pat

Likes lots in life….more complex than this video makes it out to be….but the gist is right, overall. Anyway, Illinois voters with pets (or without) should know.

July 26 2010

Pit Bulls Aren't the Problem, Some Owners ARE

I posted this video because the dude narrating does such a nice job of reflecting the facts…Also, I like the depiction of the American flag throughout….Ironic, because breed bans are likely unconstitutional. 

July 19 2010

Gov. Quinn Puts His Paw Down, A Dogfighting Law With Real Bite

I participated in a historic Illinois bill signing (HB 5790) – increasing the felony penalty for dogfighting near schools, parks, day cares and playgrounds. When Gov. Pat Quinn signed the measure (July 17, ’10), Illinois became the first state in the union to throw one more penalty at dogfighters, translating to more time in jail.…

July 18 2010

Gov. Pat Quinn Signs Dogfighting Law with a Bite

Dogfighting has been a felony in Illinois for some time, and it’s now a felony is all 50 states. Yet, somehow, when dog fights occur near day care centers, schools or playgrounds – the activity strikes me as even more horrifying. Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart at the dogfighting bust in Maywood in 2009. He…

July 16 2010

New Dogfighting Measure Has Teeth!

Following Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart’s dogfighting bust at a day care center last fall, the Sheriff appeared on my WLS-AM radio show. Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart in Maywood last fall I suggested as horrific as dogfighting is – it’s even worse when kids are involved….and worse yet that this bust happened at a…

July 4 2010

Dog Breeds Made In America

Happy Independence Day! Here are 16 dog breed made in the U.S.A. These dog breeds truly are All-American.

June 2 2010

Not Again, Dog Attack in Elgin Might Lead to Another Effort to Ban Pit Bulls

I admit it, Elgin Councilman John Prigge – a proponent of the idea of a breed ban – said it was just a matter of time before there would be a Pit Bull attack in his Illinois town (just outside Chicago). He was right. Elgin Councilman John Prigge According to published reports concerning the Elgin…

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