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Articles: dogs and wolves

September 4 2019

Grrrr….Enough is Enough: Dogs are Not Wolves

I saw another one of those TV commercials just a few days ago about feeding the wolf inside your dog, and coincidentally received ‘junk email” regarding prey-based feeding of dogs which touted a well-known diet. The email indicated how much our dogs are like wolves, but said nothing about the myriad of ways which they…

June 14 2018

New Game Show: Wolf vs. Dog

Did you know I’m now the host of the world renown game show “Wolf vs. Dog.” My guest is veterinary nutritionist Dr. Lisa Freeman, co-founder Petfoodology, the scientific study of pet nutrition by veterinary nutrition specialists and experts. And she proudly states, she’s a myth buster, as there are so many myths when it comes to…

March 6 2018

Dogs and People Buried Together 14,000 Years Ago

The human-animal bond isn’t a new thing. It turns out that 14,000 years ago we were buried alongside our best pals, according to a study published from researchers from the University of Alberta in the Journal of Archaeological Science in February. Some archaeological findings have discovered dogs buried adorned with jewelry. And, there’s evidence that people…

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