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February 27 2021

Update on Lady Gaga’s Dogs and Don’t Let This Happen To You

Here’s an update from a local Los Angeles CBS affiliate on Lady Gaga’s two kidnapped French Bulldogs who have been returned under mysterious circumstances. And now the concern is for the dog walker (here’s an update) as well as other French Bulldogs, in particular Los Angeles police aren’t saying if the criminal kidnappers have been…

March 1 2021

Hemangiosarcoma in Dogs with Dr. Jamie Modiano

Hemangiosarcoma is a deadly and fast moving insidious blood cancer in dogs. On my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show, it’s my honor to speak with Dr. Jaime Modiano, Perlman Professor of Oncology and Comparative Medicine and Director Animal Cancer Care and Research Program, College of Veterinary Medicine and Masonic Cancer Center at the…

February 26 2021

Dog with Rhythm

  You either have have got it or you don’t, and this dog definitely has rhythm. Welcome to the weekend! 💕 — Katie S. Phang (@KatiePhang) February 20, 2021  

February 25 2021

Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker Shot and Two Dogs Kidnapped

According to news sources Lady Gaga is offering $500,000 for the return of her two French bulldogs, who were stolen from her dog walker who was shot in order to get the dogs. This story is obviously horrifying on many levels. Of course, Lady Gaga has no idea how her dogs, Koji and Gustav, are…

February 24 2021

Novel Dog Adoption Promotion

Recreational marijuana is flying off of the shelves where offered throughout much of the country, pandemic or not. So, Desert Tails Shelter in Scottsdale, AZ had a novel idea to promote pet adoption. They partnered with Territory Dispensary for a dog adoption event to remember – if your mind isn’t in a fog. Adopt a…

February 22 2021

It’s All In the Mouth

Pet journalist and an editor at Fear Free Happy Homes, talks on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show about the importance of dental care, and February does happen to be National Pet Dental Health Month. Her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was having some problems, but she never expected it to be something going…

February 21 2021

Dog Saved from Frigid Lake Michigan

The good news is that the always heroic Chicago Fire Department was able to rescue this Australian Labradoodle (whatever that is) at Montrose Beach, named Bessie. The pup somehow slipped into the lake and saved herself from certain death by managing to climb onto a slab of ice.  Seeing that their pup found her way…

February 21 2021

Teleworking with Pets; Morris Animal Foundation on WGN Radio

So, how are our pets doing in the pandemic? On my Steve Dale’s Pet World WGN Radio show, listen HERE to Christy L. Hoffman, PhD, Associate Professor Animal Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation Canisius College in Buffalo, NY found out the answers. Her study, “The Experience of Teleworking with Dogs and Cats in the United States…

February 20 2021

National Pet Day

On February 20, we celebrate National Love Your Pet Day, a day to embrace one special trait that makes us human: our love of our pets! Gallup reports that sixty percent of Americans are current pet owners, and that in the U.S. there are more pets than children – and that doesn’t even include fish!…

February 19 2021

Senator Cruz Leaves Dog Home Alone

Just because Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s dog’s name is Snowflake doesn’t mean the family’s little white dog is adapted for the cold. Sen. Cruz admitted to Fox News and others that he left his Houston home for Cancun because his teenage girls wanted to get away and go somewhere warmer. The power was out in…

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