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January 15 2021

11 Cities Now Banning Sales of Dogs, Cats at Pet Stores in Alabama

The Madison City, AL is the latest city to ban the sales of dogs and cats at retail pet stores. The new ordinance requires that all dogs and cats sold in retail stores come from rescue organizations and shelters. It also requires that dogs and cats for sale must be at least eight weeks old. Madison…

January 14 2021

How Can Animal Assisted Intervention Animals Go Back to Work?

Making Informed Decisions About Animal Assisted Interventions Re-Entry was a webinar hosted with myself, Gail Golab, PhD, DVM, MANZCVS, DACAW, Chief Veterinary Officer, Scientific Affairs and Public Policy at American Veterinary Medical Association and from Pet Partners, moderator Meghan Rothschild, and now available on YouTube. We discussed how to safely return animal assisted intervention (AAI)…

January 13 2021

Warning: Dog Food Recall, Sportmix from Midwestern Pet Foods, Inc.

At least 28 and perhaps up to 70 dogs have apparently succumbed as a result of Aflatoxin, produced by the mold  Aspergillus flavus, which can grow on corn and other grains used as ingredients in pet foods. Sportmix dog food brands are the names pet parents would recognize. One cat food and various brands of…

January 13 2021

Getting a Canine Work Partner

Watch for it here….”I want to be your work partner.” Adorable dog pulls chair to sit next to owner This dog just really wants to sit next to his owner! ❤️via Jukin Media Posted by Daily Mail on Tuesday, January 5, 2021

January 12 2021

Aurora, CO Repeals Their Breed Ban on Pit Bulls

Aurora, CO lawmakers voted Monday (January 11) to end a 15-year ban on pit bulls by lifting the city’s restricted breed ordinance. The 7-3 Aurora City Council vote repeal will allow Aurora residents to own dog referred to as pit bulls, as well as American Staffordshire Terriers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers within city limits. Aurora…

January 11 2021

Check it Out: 2 Free Pet Webinars in One Day

Details on two free webinars: We’re home, then we’re not and then we are and now we’re not. Is this confusing to some dogs? Darn straight it is. Also dogs rehomed several times are more susceptible to separation anxiety, and some studies indicate shelter/rescue dogs in general are more prone to separation anxiety. How can…

January 8 2021

Dogs Waits for Ice-Cream: A Sign of Spring?

Doesn’t ice-cream mean Spring is almost here? Speaking of ice-cream, if you haven’t heard about the ice-cream war to benefit Anti Cruelty Society.

January 7 2021

Service Dogs to Fly Free on American and Alaska Airlines

American Airlines and Alaska Airlines both indicate legitimate service dogs can fly at no charge. U.S.airline industry and the U.S. Department of Transportation, as of January 1, have banned animals referred to as comfort animals or emotional support animals. It’s all so complicated. The mess, in part, began because the airlines began to charge more…

January 6 2021

50 Best Cities for Pets

What are the 50 best cities for pets with a focus on rental availability, cost of veterinary medicine and number of pet businesses per capita? has done the math. Finding rental properties that allow pets can be challenging, particularly in income challenged neighborhoods. Some upscale properties actually have amenities to attract people with pets,…

January 3 2021

Dogs Made 2020 At Least Tolerable

Thank dog we had our canine best friends in 2020. “There ARE angels here on earth – we call them dogs,” Steve Dale

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