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West Hollywood Bans Pet Store Sales of Dogs and Cats

The West Hollywood City Council passed legislation that would ban the sale of dogs and cats in pet stores within the West Hollywood area. The law allows for shelter and rescue animals to be adopted from stores, however (and that is good). On the surface, this is a good thing since about dogs and cats…

Stephen Huneck, a Great Artist Lost to the World

I promised the story on Stephen Huneck, based on interviews over the years.  I only knew him by phone, but he was genuinely such a nice man. I will forever treasure the gift he generously sent me framed and autographed.                                                                         His work was simple, to the heart of what dogs are friendship…

Super Bowl Was Great, Here's the Dog Bowl

Yes, there was the Super Bowl, even a Puppy Bowl (on Animal Planet), but now there’s the Dog Bowl. The Dog Bowl was February 4 in Miami. Dogs demonstrated ‘football tricks.’ The official referee was Hines Ward of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The event was hosted by Hill’s® Science Diet®. Forget big time football contracts, participants…

Super Bowl Commercial is Right About Electronic Shock Collars

This is what I think of electronic collars. Doritos Super Bowl commercial. My favorite, what do you think?

Give Your Dog a Valentine, A Pacemaker

Pacemakers can offer hope to dogs with heart disease. It’s amazing, read that sentence 20 years ago and people would have laughed – on two accounts. First, it’s crazy that such a thing could occur, pacemakers for dogs – just a wacky idea that would or could never happen. Second, even if it were possible…

Who Needs the Super Bowl When You Have The Puppy Bowl

A real upset at this year’s Super Bowl. The winner will not be Indianapolis and will not be New Orleans. The Puppies will win! This is Puppy Bowl VI, which airs Puppy Bowl Sunday on Animal Planet. Here are highlights of a classic competition, Puppy Bowl IV:

Donward Dog and Dating for Dog Lovers, Saturday Morning Steve Dale's Pet World, WLS Radio

Kari Harendorf and her downward dog partner, Charlie When Kari Harenforf does downward facing dog – she means it literally….So, what can you do with your dog (or with you) who may not relish going out in the snow and the cold. Why dogya (that’s yoga for dogs), of course. Tomorrow (February 6) that’s what…

Helping Pets in Haiti, Photo Gallery Seen Here First

Never before seen photos (in gallery here), rescuing animals in Haiti, American Humane Association and the Animal Relief Coalition for Haiti. Tracy Reis of American Humane is in Haiti,  and Dr. Ian Robinson of the International Fund for Animal Welfare describe conditions in Port-au-Prince. Read the story:

Dog With a Bigger Smile Than Joe Biden

They must have told this dog one hysterical joke….If you don’t believe dogs smile: check out the video below. You will be proven wrong. (Thanks to Mike L for the link) If your dog smiles, you might want to enter this contest. Un chien sourit – Vidéo

Dog, Ape's Best Friend

Fascinating…an Orangutan happens upon a hound dog, and they instantly become best friends. To this dog, can an Orangutan be just like a child? (thanks for the story Michele)

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