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January 13 2011

Keep the Stuff, But We Beg You, Please Return the Dog

WMAQ-TV reports that a Woodridge, IL family was robbed….They didn’t really take many things, some jewelry, a few electronics…..but they also stole Remy, the family dog. The family is desperate to get their loved one back. Making a turn-in easy, the Anti Cruelty Society in Chicago has offered to take Remy back – no questions…

January 13 2011

Pets With Training Wheels, For First Time Pet Owners

Thinking about a pet for the New Year? Rookie pet owners — whether it’s a first-time pet for a child, or an adult who hasn’t had a pet in years — sometimes make the wrong choice. So, for a USA Weekend story, I consulted some pet experts. With the myriad of pet possibilities, there was…

January 11 2011

Found Chicago Humane Awards: And the Winners Are

The first winner of the Chicago Humane Awards is you – if you attend the Found Chicago Humane Awards on January 22. Mark Buehrle throws a no-hitter, but scores for animals That’s because you are then supporting an organization devoted to saving lives of homeless animals, many that have “issues,” which other facilities will not…

January 9 2011

Gabby's Visit, the Pets Sure Remember

Strictly personal, but then there are some interesting lessons here. Our former neighbor Gabby – who is in second grade –  (and her mom) moved about two miles away a several months ago. We’ve visited them, but this is their first visit back to our house, and the first time our pets have seen Gabby…

January 9 2011

Dogs At Work

I have long been a supporter of dogs in the workplace. I am lucky, I can (and I do) bring Ethel and Lucy with me to the Black Dog Radio Productions studio to record my national radio shows. Ethel sucks up to the legendary trainer and behaviorist Dr. Ian Dunbar, and his wife, dog trainer…

January 8 2011

Scooby Might Have Snacked On a Bad Guy

When Agustin Zamora Jr. saw a girl being attacked in the yard next to his Logan Square home, he quickly ran outside to help, according to a Chicago Tribune report. Scooby and Agustin Zamora Jr save the day But not without first calling for Scooby, his 160-pound humungo Great Dane, whose size might intimidate any…

January 8 2011

Put That Dog on a Leash, Or Not

Jen Weigel of the Chicago Tribune wrote about what happened when her dog, Max, crossed paths with a large dog off-leash. What would it hurt for dogs to be off-leash on beaches or within fenced-in tennis courts in winter? Max, a rescue, has his quirks, including that he doesn’t play well with others. The presence…

January 5 2011

Conversation with Victoria Stilwell, It's Me or the Dog

In my opinion, Victoria Stilwell is the best to happen to on TV for dogs since Lassie came home. Her Animal Planet show, “It’s Me or the Dog,” returns for another season, and this season is a particularly fun one. Listen to the Podcast with Victoria Stilwelll (FREE), by clicking HERE. I was thrilled to…

January 3 2011

Seven People Nabbed in Dogfighting Bust

Seven people were arrested and two dogs rescued by sheriff’s police during a raid on a Maywood home, according to WMAQ-TV. On suspicion of animal cruelty and neglect, officers of the Cook County Sheriff’s Police Animal Crimes Unit (who are pretty incredible) were in the process of executing a search warrant on the home Dec.…

January 1 2011

Puppy Party

Ooops, did I miss Christmas? Puppy party at the Anti Cruelty Society of Chicago….Christmas music or not (truth is I meant to post this before Christmas); actually in January adoptions are traditionally down at shelters – maybe now is a wonderful time to consider a new family member with paws. 

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