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December 19 2010

HSUS Says Vick Is Almost Ready to Have a Dog

So, should Michael Vick get a get dog? Vick said in an interview he thinks getting a dog would help in his rehabilitation. Wayne Pacelle and Michael Vick Wayne Pacelle, president CEO of the Humane Society of the United States has taken Vick under the HSUS wing, traveling to communities to talk about dog fighting.…

December 18 2010

Dead Dogs Found at Lake County "Shelter"

The owner of a Deer Park animal shelter is being held in Lake County Jail after 13 dogs were found dead in her facility on Friday, December 17, according to printed reports. Diane Eldrup, 48, owner of the Muddy paws Animal shelter, which she operated out of her home,was charged with aggravated cruelty to animals…

December 17 2010

Get in the Spirit, Gift Giving Pet Books

Clearly, pet lovers enjoy reading about animals and the difference they make in our lives. Publishers this holiday season have focused on inspirational pet stories. Here are some gift book ideas for the pet lovers in your life:(©Tribune Media Services, Steve Dale)

December 16 2010

Should I Hop on the Vick Forgiveness Wagon?

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is all over himself praising Michael Vick….Maybe that can be explained….because the Philadelphia Eagles, the team Vick is quarterback for, is doing so well, and Vick is having such a terrific year (all of that means $$$$ for the NFL). Michael Vick If you’re cynical, you may suggest Goodell has good…

December 16 2010

WLS Podcast: Victoria Schade on the Bond We Have with Dogs, And a "Pet's Night Before Christmas"

It’s easy to listen to the Podcast – and I work cheap, there’s no charge…. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN to my very dramatic reading of “A Pet’s Night Before Christmas.” Get your recorders ready for this howliday classic. One of my favorite people, dog trainer Victoria Schade about her book “Bonding with Your Dog: A…

December 15 2010

New Guidelines for Standards of Care in Animal Shelters

“Guidelines for Standards of Care in Animal Shelters,” researched and written by 14 members of the Association of Shelter Veterinarians over two years, is hot off the press. This is the first document of its kind. The timing of the release of the Standards is critical, as government funding for shelters is dwindling, and some…

December 15 2010

Michael Vick Wants a Dog, No Kidding

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick told NBC and the, he wants a dog. In the interview, it’s noted how often Vick speaks to young people to warn them about dog fighting. The reporter suggested Vick was actually mandated by the court to make these community appearances, which Vick surprisingly denies. Also, community service is…

December 14 2010

WLS Podcast: Pet Books for the Howlidays

Click HERE to LISTEN to a Steve Dale’s Pet World Podcast (as easy as that) I speak with authors of various books you might consider as holiday gifts for your pet-loving friends. Greg Kincaid, author of “Christmas with Tucker,” which is a prequel  of a book ” Greg Kincaid A Dog Named Christmas,” which was…

December 12 2010

The 12 Dogs of Christmas

The 12 Dogs of Christmas (no partridge in a pear tree here) 

December 12 2010

All I Want for Christmas is You – And a Rope Toy

What one dog’s Christmas wish is:

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