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Put the Bite In Your Football Season

As Pro Football season begins, here’s something to do while you sit back at home and watch the game….Play with your dog, using a Vick Dog Chew Toy (as much as I love the idea, looks like a latex or soft plastic toy – not a favorite, easy to chew up and can cause an…

Canine Merengue

Light on his feet….and look at the dog smile, that dog is having fun…and definitely a better dancer than I am. 

Employee of Animal Care and Control: We Were NEVER This Full

(Understand this is only one person’s perspective, also consider this note is consistent with the many calls I’ve received from employees and volunteers. I don’t recall ever personally meeting this employee. The author did sign but I think the request for anonymity is reasonable): I am an employee of Chicago ACC, as I am sure…

Superhero, Dr. Rubin the Mythbuster!!!

Dr. Sheldon Rubin busting common myths about pets on the Channel 9, WGN TV Noon News:

Chicago Animal Care and Control Exposed

WGN-TV, Channel Nine’s Marcella Raymond’s report on condtions at Chicago Animal Care and Control. I’ve been asking, ‘How is this allowed to happen?’ for some time. Outraged? Contact City Hall.  

It's the Science of Learning

I respect veterinary behaviorist Dr. Gary Landsberg, and agree with everything he says. . . From horses to dogs, no choking, yanking, whipping required. (post idea from Facebook fan, cat behavior consultant Pam Johnson Bennett – personally I’m her fan). Dr. Lansberg interviewed here by Dr. Pete VanVranken for DVM 360.

Dog Day on the Green – 2010

Here are some highlights from the City’s second annual festival for dogs, which I had the pleasure to emcee.

Dog and Dolphin, Swimming Together

BFF! Not much else to say….I’ve never seen anything like it – have you?

Skip Haynes, Alliota, Haynes and Jeremiah Performs Today – It's Free

“There pets I want to tell you about, they live in my home town” Skip Haynes of Alliota, Hanyes and Jeremiah wrote a song which he pefrom today at Dog Day on the Green (Montrose Harbor in Lincoln Park), specifically to promote shelter adoption in Chicago. Fund of some proceeds of the tune benefit Safe…

There Aint No Festival Just Like It – Dog Day on the Green on WLS

Driving South on LSD to Dog Day on the Green. Skip Haynes of Aliotta, Haynes and Jeremiah who inked the Chicago classic Lake Shore Drive wrote a version (with me helping out) to promote Dog Day on the Green and pet adoption. Skip Haynes performs on WLS again, and at Dog Day on the Green…

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