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Heat Warnings Are For Pets Too

by guest columnist, Dr. Sheldon Rubin: Summer is a great time to enjoy our pets but it also requires common sense to avoid a tragedy.  •       Never leave your pet in an unattended car since temperatures can climb to more than 120 degrees in minutes. …. If you must run an errand, leave Fido or…

Nashville Suggesting Pet Limit Laws Based on Size of the Yard

According to printed reports, around Nashville – in Davidson County, pet owners will have to do a head count. Other communities have set “pet limit laws” with totally random numbers, 3 dogs and 4 cats, or whatever it is. Police don’t go door to door counting pets, this is complaint driven…complaints about barking or inhumane…

There's Pets I'd Like To Tell You About….Dog Day On the Green Song

Every dog festival should have a theme song, right? Skip Haynes of Aliotta, Haynes and Jeremiah has created a song for Dog Day on the Green. Remember, the tune Lake Shore Drive? This 1975 Chicago classic was a hit for Aliotta, Haynes and Jeremiah. This first few lines may jog your memory. There’s a road…

Dog Plays Dead on Letterman

This Stupid Pet Trick WILL make you smile:  (thanks to Facebook Fan Liz for for this)

Hold Your Horses, It's Betty White! You Can See Her In Chicago and Hear Betty on my WLS Podcast

I love hosting the 890-AM WLS On Demand Radio shows….This On Demand show features two legends, both are proud to say they’re 88 1/2-years old, Betty White and Dr. R.K. Anderson.  Listen by clicking here Meet Betty White, and support animal therapy Let’s begin with Betty White. This animal advocate and longtime friend is coming…

The Value of a Dog's Life, Not What You Think

I very much like the sentiment of Chis Dignan’s blog The Value of a Dog’s Life on the Dog Saving Network. I know Chris. A good guy, a talented trainer – wants to do the right thing, and typically I enthusiastically agree with him. I hope this turns some of you on to his blog.…

Fungal Disease Killing Bats: This is Bad For You, Bad For Your Pets

North America’s most common bat, the little brown myotis, may be all but extinct in the northeastern United States in 16 years, due to a rapidly-spreading fungal infection, according to a story in Live Science. The fungus, called the white-nosed syndrome grows on the exposed skin of bats as they hibernate. Little brown myotis bat…

Day at the Dog Beach

At MonDog Beach (Montrose Avenue dog beach), snapped some photos – here’s a dog beach gallery

Murdering Stray Dogs

According to the news service reports I’ve seen, this week, at the last minute – Argentina has put off their plans to seek out and kill stray dogs. The primary concern is the spread of leptospirosis, particularly in and around the Southern city of Neuquen. The fate of countless stray dogs in Iraq earlier in…

WLS-AM Sponsors Dog Day on the Green

Chicago City Clerk Miguel Del Valle created Dog Day on the Green, a city wide festival for dogs. The idea is for dogs and their people to have a good time, and also to enhance education with lots of information booths, demonstrations in obedience and agility, veterinarians will answer questions and there will be information…

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