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December 1 2010

WLS-AM Podcast: Holiday Pet Gift Ideas and Safety Tips from Dr. Rubin

Listen to Dr. Sheldon Rubin offering safety tips for pets over the holiday season. And Dr. Rubin turns out to be thrifty, he has ideas for cheap – and I mean cheap gifts for pets. Dr. Sheldon Rubin is very fancy for the holidays It’s important that our pets get proper nutrition, and love as…

November 30 2010

Cats and Dogs Do Get Along

I HATE that expression, ‘fighting like cats and dogs,’ because it is SO untrue – or at least no more true than fighting like cats and cat or dogs and dogs, or people and people. Facebook fan Liz suggested I post, and I am more than happy to. By the way, I bet nearly all…

November 30 2010

God and Dog

Began here on YouTube, and now a book “God and Dog,” by Wendy Francisco. “When I look up, I see God. When I look down I see my dog.”  Can you imagine, now nearly 3 million hits (this post could even push views over 3 million)?

November 27 2010

It's Not Why Pit Bulls Attack, It's Why Any Dog May Attack

I listed several common and generally believed myths about Pit Bulls in a previous blog post. This dog attack story is not atypical, this is the story of a Pit Bulll who bit two people on Saturday, November 20 in Spartanburg, NC and then latched on to a man’s arm. And local animal care and…

November 21 2010

Pit Bull Myths

From the American Humane Association, here is a list of common myths about Pit Bulls,all referenced and backed with science. Click the gallery to read through FACT and FICTION about Pit Bulls. I posed this, in great part, because of a noon news segment on WGN TV which had it wrong.

November 20 2010

Elmo's Story: All Pets Wellness Foundation

The All Pets Wellness Foundation advocates to provide funds to care for sick, older and injured pets whose owners cannot afford the treatments. This is Elmo’s Story:

November 20 2010

Don't Bully My Breed

Pit Bulls have a bad rap, here’s an example of why. And this time, it’s the ‘pet expert’s’ fault. TV Anchor Allison Payne is just like most people, bombarded with fallacies. Most anchors don’t bother, but to her credit she did some homework, and Allison was apparently misinformed by a trusted source. I do not…

November 18 2010

Stop Hitting Your Dog

My wife Robin hollered “Stop it! Stop hitting your dog. Stop!” She even tried to get between the woman and the dog who was being hit. It all began innocently enough, on a brisk and typically windy day walking north along Lake Shore Drive in Lakeview. On this walk – one of our dog’s, Ethel…

November 17 2010

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Anal Sacs, And May Be Afraid to Ask

Dogs and cats express themselves by barking, or purring….but then there’s another kind of expression which happens from the other end. Here’s a helpful, and future Academy Award winning video about anal glands. Happy holidays and enjoy.

November 17 2010

Dogs of Many Colors: Is This Animal Abuse?

Is this really animal cruelty? What do you think? A Florida woman is fined $255 for dyeing the dog’s paws pink. You can see the TV report here. In Florida, there’s actually a state law that forbids coloring a pet’s fur. In China, where this trend began, some local municipalities are considering laws against dyeing…

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