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Cold Weather Safety for Pets

The weather outside can still be frightful. Here are 12 tips to keep your pets safe in the cold, and the snow.

Dogs Confiscated From Horrible Conditions in St. Anne, Illinois

More than 50 dogs sold online from a puppy mill were rescued Friday February 12 in St. Anne, IL. by authorities during a week-long undercover investigation in Kankakee County. The dogs included “designer” Multipoos, as well as Yorkshire Terriers, Pugs and others. The cost for these warehoused dogs was $300 to $600. A search warrant…

David Frei Makes Westminster Predictions on WLS AM

Voice of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show for 20 years, David Frei appears on my show, Steve Dale’s Pet World, tomorrow (February 12) 6 a.m., (cst)  890 AM,                             Uno the Best in Show winner from 2008, speaks up at an appearance Sadie, favored to take Westminster by some. Listen to hear who Frei…

Woman Breast Feeds Dog

She said, “The dog was hungry.” So, what do you? Naturally, you whip one out – and breast feed the dog??? So, is this story about the woman breast feeding her dog true? Well, according to the story, it all happened in Hawk’s Bay (except they spelled Hawke’s Bay wrong, at least if they meant…

Steve Dale and Cesar Millan Meet in An Alley

A few days ago Chicago media-watch guru Robert Feder blogged about me, which was very kind. Some comments (on his blog) were particularly poignant and kind. It’s comment #16 which I found, well…how shall I say it….how about, interesting, and made me (as they say) LOL. Not sure why though. Now, if someone can just…

West Hollywood Bans Pet Store Sales of Dogs and Cats

The West Hollywood City Council passed legislation that would ban the sale of dogs and cats in pet stores within the West Hollywood area. The law allows for shelter and rescue animals to be adopted from stores, however (and that is good). On the surface, this is a good thing since about dogs and cats…

Stephen Huneck, a Great Artist Lost to the World

I promised the story on Stephen Huneck, based on interviews over the years.  I only knew him by phone, but he was genuinely such a nice man. I will forever treasure the gift he generously sent me framed and autographed.                                                                         His work was simple, to the heart of what dogs are friendship…

Super Bowl Was Great, Here's the Dog Bowl

Yes, there was the Super Bowl, even a Puppy Bowl (on Animal Planet), but now there’s the Dog Bowl. The Dog Bowl was February 4 in Miami. Dogs demonstrated ‘football tricks.’ The official referee was Hines Ward of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The event was hosted by Hill’s® Science Diet®. Forget big time football contracts, participants…

Super Bowl Commercial is Right About Electronic Shock Collars

This is what I think of electronic collars. Doritos Super Bowl commercial. My favorite, what do you think?

Give Your Dog a Valentine, A Pacemaker

Pacemakers can offer hope to dogs with heart disease. It’s amazing, read that sentence 20 years ago and people would have laughed – on two accounts. First, it’s crazy that such a thing could occur, pacemakers for dogs – just a wacky idea that would or could never happen. Second, even if it were possible…

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