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July 16 2010

On Cesar Millan, Answering Your Questions

Though I have not mentioned Cesar “The Dog Whisperer” Millan in a column for many months, hardly a week goes back that I don’t receive questions or comments about him from readers of my nationally syndicated newspaper column, or listeners of my radio shows. So, I answered. (This is one of many sites this will…

July 15 2010

CNN's Anderson Cooper Reports Pets Are Dying Due to Oil Spill

I am not surprised by Anderson Cooper 360: Reporter’s Notebook that animals are being up in large numbers because of the oil spill. Responsible for wildlife deaths, increased unemployment, economic losses in fisheries and tourism, and now breaking up families as pets are being given up – BP star doesn’t shine so bright He writes…

July 15 2010

Dog Guilty in Shooting

Sadly, shootings occur too often in Chicago…but never a shooting like this. In Wellington, New Zealand shootings of any kind are infrequent. On Saturday, July 10 -A dog accidentally stepped on the trigger of the .22 rifle and ended up firing at his 40-year-old owner. The injured man was among a group of four who…

July 14 2010

Tough Times at Chicago Animal Care & Control

Tough times at Chicago Animal Care & Control –

July 14 2010

Revenge of Kitty Galore: A Preview

Cats, dogs and even birds working together – in the Revenge of Kitty Galore. Here’s a preview to the movie coming out later this month.

July 13 2010

Do Dogs Have Human Intuition?

Dogs indeed seem to have exceptional social skills which are in sync with us. I say dogs are predisposed to please us and in an effort to do so, they naturally are able to follow our non-verbal cues (some of those cues we can’t even follow in one another). Dogs are adept at responding to…

July 13 2010

Dog Saves Himself from Hot Car

Max, a hero to himself There’s something to be said about taking your life into your own hands, or ugh, paws. A Labrador Retriever in Upper Macungie Township, PA saved his own life. On July 12, Donna Gardner ran some errands with her dog, Max. When she returned home, she didn’t know Max remained in…

July 12 2010

World Cup Dogs

They can play soccer, and they play with dogs. Here are many of the dog breeds which originate in World Cup winner Spain. Bet you’ve never heard of some of these breeds.

July 11 2010

Pit Bull Saves Lives

Pit Bulls are dogs – and here’s what dogs do: In Bristol, IN, a home caught fire this past Thursday. Thor, who happens to be a Pit Bull not only worked hard to awaken the family, he actually pulled the bassinet with the baby inside it to safety. Heroic Pit Bull, named Thor Finally, after…

July 11 2010

Serious Pit Bull Attack, Fault of the Dogs' Owners

Pit Bull attack in New Bedford, MA – a student was attacked and seriously hurt by three Pit Bulls, reportedly. The attack was unprovoked. It is a tragedy. Before you scream about Pit Bulls though, check out the report. Finally toward the end, it’s pointed out these dog have gotten out before. That’s how it…

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